Discover Your Own Decorating Personality

September 28, 2015

Whether you are shopping at our clothing store or home store, the secret to a successful visit is to find and honor your own personal style. We all see a variety of clothing fashion and home decor that we love but just doesn't quite suit our own personal style.   When it comes down to it each one of us have to make our look and our home our own.    

I tend to feel more comfortable with a home that strays to the traditional side but feels current and modern.  And when I dress, I feel like my best self when I am wearing tailored clean lines.     For most of us, we find it easier to play around with our personal style.     But when it comes to our homes, it can be challenging.    We simply don't want to make a mistake that we may have to live with for a long time.    This fear can prevent us from making the necessary changes and updates to our homes that we know we need!

So let’s talk about the different decorating ‘personality styles’.   Perhaps one of these will resonate with you and help you better describe the home style that best suits your own story of ‘living life beautifully’.


Your style tends to be sophisticated by choosing elements with clean lines with soft tones. You generally like to mix subtle textures and patterns with similar color tones. You want your home to feel calm and elegant. This approach also allows you to create change with throw pillows, artwork and other decorative pieces to keep up with your different moods.

(Side note:   All of the home pictures that you will be seeing throughout this blog are used with permission from Houzz.    The beautiful home above was actually furnished and styled by Kelli Schulz of K. Renee.   Isn't it beautiful?  Our customers utilized the talents of the above mentioned architects and building designers on the renovation and structural design elements.    And then K. Renee swooped in and finished the project.  The remainder of the home pictures are used to describe a style and are not the works of K. Renee.)


This style tends to be tailored with some classic high quality pieces. You might gravitate toward the more masculine tones of grays and browns. You want your home to have elements that are classic but speak to your need for warmth and comfort.


Your home is all about luxurious comfort. You might start with a neutral canvas and then add statement pieces using rich, beautiful color or pieces with a little bling. You know that nothing is better than greys, creams and black and white! And when given the choice of fabrics, you tend to like the sheen and feel of velvet.


Your style is refined but unexpected. You are not afraid to mix pieces that are old and new or play with color, unusual shapes and eclectic art. You likely don’t like to stick to conventional rules and are not afraid of ‘big and bold’. Contrast is your friend.


Your style might be filled with pieces that are reminiscent of the 50’s and 60’s. Rich woods such as walnut are often paired with textiles in gray, blue and beige tones.  This aesthetic tends to masculine but light hearted. The mid-century modern home is rooted in American tradition!


Perhaps you prefer soft, curvy and elegant pieces that lean to the traditional side of the spectrum but have an updated modern feel.  Comfort and luxury are important in this beautiful and feminine space.


If you lean toward handcrafted quality and beautiful functional pieces with an artistic flair, you might prefer a more industrial feel in your home. You love supporting local craftsmanship and this is reflected in the special pieces featured in your home.  Although you like to mix things up… you don’t get too carried away.


The foundation of your home is rich with European traditional styles. Your tailored upholstery and use of stone, leather and rich woods throughout the house set the tone for the look.   You like the old-world charm but might just be ready to tone down the seriousness of your traditional roots.


Clean, simple and neutral describe your aesthetic and you really don’t like clutter and too much “stuff”.   Your walls are neutral grays, whites or beiges.    Less is more might be your personal mantra.


Your home might be a mixture of different global inspired styles and time periods.  It would be hard to peg your home as traditional, modern or transitional. Your home tells a story with the pieces and things that are reminiscent of your travels and adventures in life. Your home is a collection of things that you simply love.

Still not sure quite where you fall?     As I was looking on Houzz for pictures reminiscent of our home personality styles, I stumbled upon a fun quiz.  The questions seemed a little… shall I say ‘off beat’.   But it was surprisingly accurate.

It told me that my style was “Transitional”...

 “You’re not too modern but not too traditional either.  You're a gracious host, and you love to break out the fine china when you’re just eating pizza. You prefer a home full of beige and other nuetrals.   You like simply framed artwork that doesn’t cause too much fuss.   Serenity is your goal at home.”

Yup, that’s me.     Especially the part about using china for pizza. Just ask any of my kids! You can take this home style quiz yourself by clicking here.

No matter what your style, K. Renee is full of unique and beautiful pieces that will speak to your own personal aesthetic from modern to traditional and everything in between.

Have a wonderful week!