Did You Know...

July 29, 2019

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Did you know...that singing daily for at least 10 minutes reduces stress, clears sinuses, improves posture, and can even help you live longer?

Guess it’s time to start singing, right?

I am guessing that you also didn’t know that you could walk into our showroom on a Monday with an empty home…

And by Thursday (4 days later)  it could be fully furnished better than you might imagine.   

That is just what happened last week.   

A new client of ours visited our showroom on Monday evening at about 5 pm.     Totally frustrated after a visit to an unnamed big-box retailer whose staff was entirely incapable of pulling together a furnishing plan for a new home.   

Luckily for us, our client had a friend who had previous experience with our style team and strongly encouraged a visit to K. Renee.

Stacie is always up for this kind of challenge and within two hours (and some additional work on Tuesday)  she helped the client select furnishings and pulled together an inspiring story.

With four showroom floors full of in-stock options and two offsite warehouses, coming up with a beautiful plan that can be installed within days is not difficult to achieve.  

After all...
Did you know that every piece of furniture that we have at K. Renee is selected in person and 100% curated by our team?    Which simply means we love every single sofa, chair, case good, bed or dining table that resides on our floor (and in our warehouse.)  

But, hey, the proof is in the pudding, right?     Here we go…

Let’s start with the main level great room.

Stacie even added a cozy little dining table for two!

This space just says, “Welcome Home.”

Nothing would be less inspiring than having to spend your first night in a new home on a lonely mattress in the middle of your master bedroom.  


Instead, the first night in our client’s new home looked like this….





Cozy, comfortable, and welcoming.   

The basement was a wide-open media and entertaining area.


But when Stacie and the team were finished, it was ready to greet its guests just in time for Friday movie night.  

Did you know... that furnishing your home beautifully doesn’t need to be a long, laborious, time-consuming, stressful process?   While not everyone has the need to furnish a home on the turn of a dime, isn’t it is comforting to know that you can?  

Have a fabulous week!