Did That Just Happen?

October 30, 2016

I think the K. Renee team (at least I am) is still in a state of shock and awe over our very special event held last week.     We literally rolled out the red carpet for our special guests Rachel Zoe and her husband Rodger...

There are many lessons and takeaways from this event.   I'd like to share with you a few that continue to resonate with me.   The first is that magic is something that you make.    

Our team has spent the last several months meeting weekly to plan every possible detail and scenario for this amazing event.    Yes, we were given an opportunity to have an A-list stylist, celebrity & designer visit Des Moines and K. Renee but it was in our hands to make the most of this momentous occasion.   

And as you can imagine, there were many, many moving parts to an event of this scale.   Not only did we want to create a welcoming environment for Rachel, Rodger and her team but for the customers that would share this moment in time with us.   

With as many unknowns that we faced, the hard work of each and every K. Renee team member translated into a magical moment in time.   I know I can speak for Kelli and Jeff in saying that we have the most dedicated and caring group of people working with us at K. Renee.   For this we are deeply grateful.    

I also believe that Rachel and Rodger teach us about magic as well.    First of all, as you can see from the pictures, Rachel is absolutely stunning.    

For me, what makes her magical is the ease, grace and generosity that she showed while interacting with all of our customers whether she was styling, taking pictures or signing autographs.   

These are two people that are running several businesses, have an incredibly hectic schedule, parenting two young children and have looming commitments ahead of them.  But with all that in front of them, both Rachel and Rodger stayed completely in the moment and gave everything they had during their time at K. Renee.     


 I am not easily impressed and these two exceeded all of my expectations.

The other lesson that continues to swirl through my mind is the importance of layers (which we talk about a lot at K. Renee as it relates to your home and clothing).   As I stand back and reflect, I understand that it was the layers (and layers) of planning for this event that made it so successful.   From creating the additional dressing rooms that we needed to accommodate as many people as possible to designing elements of additional beauty to frame our already gorgeous space. 

This living wreath is just one of the special touches that were created especially for this event.

I also am reminded that layers are what create the beauty not only in our wardrobe and homes but in each person that we are graced with the opportunity to meet and work with.     

For someone like Rachel Zoe, it is easy to just see her as a super successful celebrity that lives an amazing life.    But as we experienced, it is her layers of hard work, creativity, and dedication to her style brand combined with generosity and a positive go-for-it attitude that really stands out as special. 


We consider ourselves in the business of building relationships with each one of you.   And as we continue to get to know your layers of beauty...the magic we can create together grows.   The entire team at K. Renee looks forward to working hard to help you create your own special brand of magic for your homes, wardrobe and lives.

Did that just happen?  Yes, it did!   A very special thank you to Rachel, Rodger, Suzanne and Anna for giving us the gift of your time and talents.   And an equally special thanks to the team at K. Renee for digging deep and making the magic happen.   

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