June 11, 2017

Recently, I was reading another design blog that boasted about a 'spectacular' job they had done furnishing a client’s newly remodeled great room. Great! I love seeing other designers inspired work. But what I saw (in the after pictures) was a room full of new furniture pieces; a sectional, two chairs, upholstered ottoman, a pull up table and a lackluster piece of art.

There was NOTHING else in the room.  Wait what? Is that it? No layers, accessories, personality. Certainly not spectacular but rather 'at the corner of dull and boring.'   The first thought that went through my head was #designcrime (Do you think I might be on instragram too much?)

While there are many, many crimes against design…

...that I totally agree with, I think the biggest crime is the retailers and interior designer/decorators that promise they can help you create a beautiful room but instead just end up selling you ‘the bones’ of your room. Bones being your major pieces of furniture (ie. sofa, chairs, cocktail table). And then leave it to you to find you own rugs, art, accessories, lighting, side tables. #designcrime

In my experience, the #designcrime typically goes something like this…

With great excitement, you order the furniture that has been proposed for a space. You thought it looked good on paper.

And then about 8 to 12 weeks later, you get the call that your “bones” are all in and a delivery day is scheduled. It is an exciting day, because a dream is being realized! A new room, a new look!

And then “the bones” get delivered to your home and placed according to the 2 (or 3 dimension)

layout that promises you a magazine worthy room. As you look around at all your new (and possibly very expensive) bones you expect your heart to beat fast with great pleasure. But the feeling that you actually have is “Ho-Hum. Nice, but is that it?"


Why is that? Because somehow you have been left with the very difficult task of finding all the finishing touches and layers (art, pillows, accessories, rugs, lighting, texture.)  The things that actually breathe the beautiful life into a room. All on your own. #designcrime

This is the point where you might just panic. Layers, textures, accessories that work beautifully together? Where do I start? What do I do? Where do I go? Holy Toledo. What have I done.

We actually hear this experience A LOT in our home store. And many times, our team of stylists end up going in to homes like this and finishing a promise that someone else made.    But I want you to know, it doesn’t need to be this way. It can and should be done all at once. And it should be an exciting and inspirational experience for you, not a stressful, scared-to-make-a-mistake train wreck.

Don’t get me wrong. Your major pieces of furniture ARE very important. They need to be functional and beautiful. You absolutely need to get inspirational bones in your home.

BUT even the most beautiful bones will never look like anything special sitting in your home all by themselves. They need to be layered, dressed and adorned. Just like we do.

A couch is not spectacular until it is adorned with an interesting combination of pillows and layers.

A chair is just a chair until it is combined with an awesome sofa, cocktail table, and accessories with texture and interest.

A dining table is nothing without a beautiful light fixture, comfortable chairs, and the layers that give it some mojo.

The orchestration between finding the quality bones for a room and then adding the layers of interest, personality and individuality is incredibly important. The combination creates the true tone and ambiance of your home. And whoever you work with on creating your dream home should ALWAYS be able to do BOTH for you. Anything less is a #designcrime.

Our goal at K. Renee Home is to change your hashtag from #designcrime to #livinglifebeautifully.

Our team can help you pick out your core furniture pieces and show you how they will look in your home. Not only will you see what you buy, you can sit, touch and feel making sure that each piece meets your expectations.

You won’t have to wait 8 to 12 weeks to finish a room or your home.  You can do it now!  #instantgratification

Our team will help you pick out pillows, layers of texture, rugs, lighting, accessories...whatever you need to complete a room.

And our team will personally deliver your core pieces of furniture AND the layers that will give you a finished (and magazine-worthy) room...one that realizes your dream of a new look for a new day.

Come on in, I promise you’ll be inspired.