July 27, 2020

If I had a penny for every time I have heard a client say, "I know exactly what I like and want for my home, but I just don't know how to put it all together," I would be rich.  


There is also a common belief among some individuals that he or she should be able to pull it all together (especially since they know what they like) and often walk down this path alone...buying pieces here, there, and everywhere.   Often, this strategy yields results less satisfying than the original vision.   And that is frustrating. 

As the CEO of your home, your home is your vision.  Your expectations should be met and exceeded. To do this,  I want to suggest that you design like a CEO.

  • Be Self Aware
  • Work With Talented People
  • Learn From The Past
  • Understand The Value Edge


Be Self Aware

Great CEOs know and understand their personal strengths and weaknesses.   They certainly don't need to possess all the required skills to get the job done.   

As the CEO of your home, it is essential to surround yourself with talented team members that have the skills that you may not.

If you look at our team here at K. Renee, each of us has our own set of strengths and weaknesses.    For example, Kelli is well known to have an eye for design and can see possibilities in a room that others may not be able to see. 


She isn't writing blogs each week describing home design and wardrobe styling thoughts to consider; that is my strength.    Kelli isn't sitting down at the computer, creating scaled layouts for each client (although she and our other stylists need this important tool to do our best work.)


Some of our more tech-savvy stylists facilitate this critical talent.   We work as a team to deliver all of the necessary aspects to provide a well thought out, unique, and beautiful home space for our clients. 
And as the CEO of your home, it is essential to surround yourself with talented team members who have the skills that you may not.

Work with Talented People

A great CEO knows that she or he must work with the most talented people to realize a vision.      They are willing to give up the role of being the smartest person in the room and instead become the most curious.   

As the CEO of your own home, it is OKAY not to be good at everything.  Teamwork makes the dreamwork!


Learn From the Past

I often can be heard saying, "Do what you always do; get what you always get.'    As the CEO of your home, mistakes happen.   It's essential to learn from them, so it doesn't happen again.  

We all have made one universal mistake to order furniture sight unseen and have it arrive either damaged or considerably different than we expected.   One of our clients loved the 'online' look of a certain sofa, but when it arrived...



It was an expensive mistake, but we helped our client find the right sofa, pillows and layers to create the room she envisioned. 

We work hard to eliminate these kinds of disappointing variables for you by dealing with damages (these items never make the showroom floor) and allowing you to touch, see, and feel your furnishings before you purchase. 


Understand the Value Edge

As the CEO of your own home, you can save money in the long run by doing it right!  As Warren Buffet was quoted in 2008, "Price is what you pay, value is what you get."


K. Renee is not going to be your least expensive option when you choose to furnish your home with us.   But I can promise you that you will get the most value.   When clients ask us for a discount, I always like to share the hidden discount that our clients receive by working with our team.    It goes something like this...


In any business, an excellent CEO forms a small group of trusted colleagues that provide unfiltered advice, including the kind that hasn't been asked for but is really important to hear.   That is what we do.   

As the person with the vision for your own home, we would be privileged to be your trusted colleagues.    I promise you'll be inspired. 


Have a wonderful week,