Denim That Flatters

May 10, 2021

One thing we know for sure is that denim is a staple in our lives...always has been and always will be.   Despite my vast history with denim, it consistently felt challenging to find a denim line that met all three of my, comfort and has a flattering fit.   

But no more!   Luckily, we have been exclusively carrying a line of denim for the last couple of years that hits all three of my requirements.


As a matter of fact, Glamour magazine (in March of 2019) named a style of L’Agence denim one of the 10 best jeans ever.


One of the editors writes, “my favorite jeans at the moment are the Marguerite coated jean.”

That is a big statement, right?   And I totally agree.   This is a denim line that I have fit on a 60 something (and even 70 something) woman as well as my own 22-year-old daughter.   


Syd wearing a skinny L' Agence denim.

That never happens!!  A denim line that makes all ages feel and look good.   

Last year at our L’Agence Denim event, we had Oscar Adames, a celebrity stylist in the store helping customers with fit and teaching us a thing or two about denim that flatters.  




Flatter Tip One:  Make sure the yolk on your denim features a v-shape

One thing to look for in a denim is a v-shape on the yolk of the jean that is positioned around the top part of your bum and the back pockets should sit where your cheek and thigh meet.    I did not know that!   


This is a signature shape on the back of all the styles of denim that L’ Agence offers.


Flatter Tip Two:  The Skinny Jean

The skinny jean is a wonderful everyday jean that can easily be dressed up or dressed down.   Why are skinnies so flattering? 


Because they highlight the narrowest part of our anatomy - our calves and ankles. A skinny jean also flatters when they have just the right amount of stretch and feature a mid to high rise, which for me is essential!  I can’t stand when the thickness of my tummy region spills out over the top of a pant.  

This fabulous skinny comes in two that crops just above the ankle for a warm weather vibe and the other just past the ankles.  And there are some great summery colors and washes in addition to the classics.


Flatter Tip Three:  The Flare 

As a curvy girl,  I want to look taller and slimmer.  I love the flare for this reason especially when I pair them back to heels and platforms.   



These fun jeans tend to cover your shoes which in turn creates the illusion that your legs go on for miles!   By far, my favorite denim silhouette.   




Flatter Tip Four: The Wrap Shirt

A perfect compliment to any denim is the wrap shirt, and L’Agence does these better than most.   A wrap shirt creates a strategic open deep-v that makes your neck appear slimmer and shows off another of our great features the collar bone. 



I love the way these tops blouse naturally in the front and have a longer tail in the back covering the bum a bit.   You will see some soft solids and fun prints in this denim-friendly blouse that can just as easily work under suitings for a dressier office look.



Flatter Tip Five:   An Experienced Stylist

Next week, we have our 2019 Spring L’Agence denim event.   We will also have some special treats in store including consultation time with celebrity stylist and L’Agence executive, Oscar Adames.     He will be in store all day Friday and a good chunk of Saturday to help you find the styles, fit and sizing that works best for your taste and shape.   



You can either stop by or set up a styling appointment by calling the store this week at 515-453-8451.   Oscar is a hoot and has a wonderful high energy that will make it Friday Fun Day for sure!

We will also have a Limelight by Alcone consultant, Amanda Hood,  who will be in the store on Friday to show you some great beauty products and do some mini-makeovers.    

And on top of that, we have partnered with the Blue Jeans Go Green Denim Recycling non-profit designed to help give your old denim new purpose.


Blue Jeans Go Green recycles worn denim into insulation that not only helps keep textile waste out of our landfills but also helps with community building efforts such as Habitat for Humanity around the country.   So cool!


If you bring in your old denim to donate to this great cause on Friday and Saturday during the trunk show, we will give you $30 off your purchase of new denim!   You can make a difference and get a little love from us in return.

We can all use a little denim therapy, right?    We hope to see you on Friday and Saturday to help you find a perfect fit.

Have a great week,