Decorating Secrets to a Happy Life!

April 26, 2015

This morning I was mulling over what to write about today when I spotted one of my home décor magazines with the headline “Decorating Secrets to a Happy Life”.   Wow.    Now that would make a good blog!

So I opened the magazine for some inspiration only to discover that it did not provide a magical list that I could share with you today.   Darn.   Life is never that easy, is it?   But I actually think the secret is a bit more simple than we some times try to make it.    

Each one of us has different ideas about what makes our home a happy place.     My own home obsession always circles back to ‘gathering’ and a ‘sense of calm’. So the secret to decorating for me… is about achieving that goal in all the choices that I make.

Many of you have read our summer transformation series from a couple of years ago that followed the progress of my own home remodel (if you haven’t, click here to the beginning of the series).

To meet my need for creating a gathering space, Kelli advised me to open up my kitchen and great room so I had the ability to entertain a few people comfortably or a lot… depending on the situation.   It worked!

A couple of rental chairs and tables from Classic Rentals and voila… 17 couples for Sydney’s senior prom were able to gather for dinner in my home.   And being able to do this made me really happy.

Our homes are a place where memories are made…good, bad or otherwise. Which rolls me right back to this concept of “Decorating Secrets to a Happy Life”.

Secret Number #1 (in my opinion): Decorate your home so that it encourages you to create MORE good memories.

This past month, the home team has been crazy busy helping customers do just that... 


Each time we begin an interaction with a client who wants to change an area of their home; these are the kinds of questions that we thoughtfully discuss…

          • How do you live in the space that you want to change?
          • How do you see yourself using the room?
          • Is the area you want to transform for a private retreat or a place that family and friends will want to be?

Once our customers and our stylists get on the same page, a beautiful room quickly ensues…

For most of our customers, there are two things that are consistently on the list of needs… comfort and style. You might have heard us say on occasion that we ‘stock to sell’ because we believe in ‘instant gratification’.   Yes, we do.   But there is another important reason we carry so much inventory and that has to do with comfort.

Too often in the past, each of us have ordered a major piece of furniture for our homes only to discover it was not quite what we thought… too hard, too soft, too big, too small... the list goes on.   It sounds a little bit like Goldilocks, right?

We stock our inventory at K. Renee, so you can pick out what is ‘just right’ for you and your home.   No questions. No surprises.   This beautiful sectional at the home store found its perfect home just last week.

Secret Number #2 (again, in my opinion): Get It Done!

There are two obstacles we often hear at the home store that detract from getting a room or home purposefully decorated.

First, "some day when my kids are gone… I will have the home I’ve always wanted."

Uh. No.   The time is right now to create a home that helps you create more good memories.   And if your home is doing that for you… great!  If not, please re-think this position. 

 Life does not always follow the path that we dream for ourselves and if you can achieve just a little bit more satisfaction and happiness in the moment… you ought to think about doing it.  Heck, I invited 34 kids to take a picture on my white carpeted staircase (it was about the memory)

…and was left with lots of not so pretty dirt marks afterward. 

 But you know how I look at it?   Companies like Dreamsteam (they visit my house fairly often) were created for just this occasion.   And which is better… getting a great picture or preserving something so it doesn’t get dirty?

The second obstacle that gets in the way of getting a room done is the need to individually find all of the 'perfect' pieces to create the perfect room.

In a layered room with rugs, throws, pillows, accessories, art, along with  major pieces of furniture… there can be 30 plus individual items. Cheese and crackers, it might take years to find what you think is the 30 perfect items for the 'perfect' room only to discover that it just didn’t all come together quite how you thought. (Been there, done that.)

This is the true beauty of what K. Renee and its styling team have to offer.    Once you pick out the sofa and chairs that are 'just right' for you... then our team loads up an assortment of pillows, accessories, rugs, lamps and artwork to create a layered story that you perhaps could not have imagined yourself but once you saw….

...Could not imagine it any other way.   I love the elegance of this beautiful home that we transformed just last week.

So our secrets are simple… let your home support the way you dream about living and get it done!   As always, we are at your service and would love to be a part of your home transformation story.

Enjoy the warmth of this week to come.

Until next time,