Dear Mom...

May 7, 2018

As we storm (literally) into May, just around the corner comes Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day

In the literal sense, a mother is a female parent.   But being a real mom is so much more. A mother can be anyone in your life that has shown the kind of maternal tenderness that has had a long-lasting positive impact on your life. There are biological moms; adoptive moms; step-moms; foster moms; sisters, aunts, and friends who step lovingly into the role of mom. 

These are the women in our lives that strive every day to help create a beautiful life for their children (fur babies included) and continue to love them unconditionally all throughout their lives.   

Fur Mom

And we devote a special day to shine a light on the credit that all of these unique moms deserve!  So what does a Mom (at least this one) really want for Mother’s Day?

Perhaps when my kids were young, I wanted a day ALL to myself and ALL about me. Young moms need a break!  A gesture of recognition (especially from my husband) was always appreciated.   Guys,  you can't go wrong doing something special for the moms.   Which I will get to in a moment...  

But now that my kids are grown?   I get the gift each and every day of seeing that my children (one bio and two step) have become better adults than I could have ever hoped.   

 My kids

The pressure of parenting is off and now I can sit back and relish in all of their successes. I don’t need a thing, they have already given me the best gift of all!!!   

Even though, I am a not a gift-kind-of-a-mom...that doesn’t mean the MOM in your life wouldn’t appreciate a small gesture of recognition.   Assume she does.

If you are the husband or significant other,  I recommend that your gestures are on the scale of go big or go home.   After all, where would you be without her?

Hmmm, wouldn't she just be thrilled about tackling that one room in your home that she has always wanted to give a facelift?   Heck, what a hero you would be if she just came home one day and it was done?  (We can make that happen.)

Rooms transformed

And I am guessing you spent some time on your deck this past weekend.    And if it needs a little love, we have all the goods to make your outside as beautiful as your inside.  And with graduation celebrations coming along next, this might just be the perfect thing.

Outdoor furnishings

Or how about this super sweet tee that simply says "babe" and tells her how you feel.   Love that.   


Babe, I love you 


And for all the kids...there are many wonderful ways to show your Mom how much you care. Why don't you create your own arrangement of fresh flowers?   Every grocery store I go into these days have beautiful stems making it especially easy to make a beautiful gift just for Mom.   

Flowers for mom

Or how about beautiful jewelry for a beautiful mom?  These crystal encrusted two-tone drop earrings just arrived!


 Jewelry For Mom

Or really, you could just bring Mom into the store and experience a little shopping therapy together. Pick out a little something for her with her.  I promise, our team will treat her like the queen that she is to you.

Shopping day at K. Renee

No matter what you decide to do, there is one thing for sure that I know she will love and that is a note from you saying five simple but powerful words.

Dear Mom...


It is really just as simple as that.    In honor of all of the Moms, we have a special little gift from K. Renee.  Dear Mom, I love you...

$50 off

We will make the Saturday before Mother's Day a little extra special for both you and her if you decide to take her on a special outing.   You will be getting a little postcard in the mail but you don't have to wait until you get it to use your $50 off.   Just mention that you saw it in this blog and you can get ahead of the game using it now and until the end of the month.

Have a wonderful week and enjoy all the flourishing signs of spring popping up all around us!