Comfort and Joy. It's Everything!

December 6, 2015

I love this t-shirt by Rachel Zoe and plan on wearing it Christmas Day as I am blessed to spend the day creating a soul-satisfying meal and sharing time with family and friends. “It’s Everything.”

I don’t mean to make this day sound perfect because it won’t be. Like many of us, all of my kids and family members won’t be able to make it home this year and each and every holiday gathering past and present reveal gaping holes of loved ones lost and not present.

But…the holiday season represents ideals that are much bigger than my own not so perfect world. It is about celebrating our beliefs and creating comfort and joy for those around us and ourselves!

So here is my short list of ways to bring more comfort and joy into your own imperfect world.

You can either go all out or bring a few simple and elegant items into your home that lifts your soul. 

Our tree at the store (and mine at home) is a wonderful reflection of simple elegance. We start with a flocked, pre-lit tree which on it’s own is beautiful.

Then trim it with metallic ribbons and bows that fill large holes amongst the branches.

Really we could stop there, but in our case we add a collection of timeless ornaments and flowers making this tree simply beautiful.

I love to set a timer on my tree so that when I walk downstairs at 6 am, my tree greets me with its beauty. And when I go to bed, it stays lit until midnight. This beautiful representation of the season brings me so much comfort and joy

(and provides my cat with a nice hiding place!)

You may not have or want a tree for the season…but there are other things that you can do to make your home feel festive.

Add candles, sparkly pillows, flowers and greens. Or anything that brings a small grin of joy!

Most of you that read our blog on a regular basis are Moms. And you are likely the ones that are spending the month thinking about how you can make the holidays special for your kids and families. You really don’t expect much from anyone else but expect a lot from yourself. Sound familiar? Well, you need to fill your own cup. You are worth it.

Give yourself a gift that brings you joy and comfort. Do you want to finish your living room before company arrives? Do it! (And you know we can help).

Do you need a fun party dress for the season that makes you feel like the special person you are?  Go for it.

(We’ve got plenty to choose from at our clothing store.)

Or do you just want to lose yourself in a movie, read a good book, soak in the tub or schedule a massage? Take the time and soothe your own soul!

I was stressing out about sending out personal holiday cards out this year. What fun, warm-hearted picture was I going to send out with my kids all grown and gone? A picture of my two dogs, cat and myself? That just seems weird. 


No, that’s not me… but this is kind of what I was envisioning! LOL.

My daughter said it best, “Mom, holiday cards are for when we were kids. Get over it. Why don’t you just spend more time with the people that you love?”   Point well taken. I don’t have to do everything that I have always done in the past. I can simply do the things that are most meaningful to me!

What are you stressing about? And do you really need to do it?

This is the part of the holiday season that I love best. I can get consumed trying to come up with something that will surprise each person that I give a gift. This year I attempted to get a ‘wish list’ from my daughter and this was her reply…

She’s right again! Making gifts special and a surprise… is joyful.  So, what would make someone’s day? A purple box filled with a special K Renee outfit hand selected with her in mind? 

I know more than a few people in my life that will find joy in that!  How about an unexpected room transformation?

Last year, we had a couple of men that did just that for their wives. We even wrapped the door to the room for the grand reveal. What a special surprise.

An indescribable amount of comfort and joy comes from being a light to others especially during this season. It is the season to create small acts of random kindness. From holding the door open for someone in need to paying for the coffee bill of the car behind you at your favorite drive through. 

One of my favorite ways to repay the world for my good fortune is to Adopt-A-Family for Christmas. Many of our local charities and churches run programs to help a family in need.  For the last several years, I have participated in the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Iowa program (click here for more information) and I always find myself in the spirit by making a club kid's holiday just a little brighter.

There are so many other ways to find comfort and joy in this holiday season before us… from embracing old traditions to creating new ones. But I think the secret to having a wonderful holiday season is to slow down and enjoy what each day brings. 

Our time is precious and this moment in our lives will never come again. No matter what chaos surrounds us, right now is as perfect as it can be. Make the most of it!

From our K. Renee family to yours…