Brighten Your Shine!

February 12, 2017

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! A day that is celebrated to tell those we care about that they are special. But let’s not forget ourselves in this process. I say it’s also a day to ‘shine’ a little light on one of the most important people in your life, YOU. 

I was at an event this past week, where I learned a thing or two about ‘shine’ from a woman who is several (and I mean several) years my junior.  The Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Iowa  (BGCCI) held their 2017 Youth of the Year Awards dinner. 
Not only was it amazing to hear speeches from each of the student candidates competing for this wonderful honor, but I also was inspired by the guest speaker, Dionna Langford.

Dionna is a former BGCCI club kid, East High School alumni, and graduate from the University of Iowa. Her passion? Helping the young people in Des Moines succeed. She is currently a Youth Development Specialist with Children and Families of Iowa. And she also happens to be the youngest member to EVER be elected and sit on the school board in Des Moines, Iowa.

Impressive already? Yes. But what really struck me was her confidence and “Shine.”

In her speech, she talked about her desire to run for an elected position as a Des Moines school board member, something that she thought at the young age of 23 was not a possibility. But why not? Because she was too young, too inexperienced?

Dionna believed that despite her youth and lack of political experience that she still had a point of view that could be of great benefit to the young people that the board represented. After much thought and contemplation, she decided that if fear (fear of failure, fear of being perceived as too young and inexperienced for an elected position) was the ONLY reason not to run, that it wasn’t a good enough reason not to pursue her goals.

She ran for office, she won, and reminded all of us of one of the most valuable truths in life...Fear can kill more dreams than failure ever will.  


Dionna told each child in the room not to let anyone or anything dim their 'shine.'   She challenged each person in the room to shine bright like the diamonds that we naturally are!    


So this Valentine’s Day, whip out your polish and make it a point to brighten your own shine and give yourself some love.

Shine Strategy: Nurture Yourself

Set up a space in your home that makes it feel like your personal sanctuary. Make sure you have beautiful lighting, a favorite combination of soothing smells, and all the cozy and comfortable layers that you need to read, meditate, watch your guilty pleasure TV series, or simply relax at home. 

Shine Strategy:  Take Yourself on a Date


There are a ton of things that you can do on your own and for yourself.  To really soothe your soul, sign up for a yoga class followed by a massage.   There is actually a new place in town that I have been itching to try called CryoSpa Iowa which is a mind and body spa with services to help us feel better inside and out.   Sound like a great date to me!

The spa has a Cryotherapy Chamber that exposes our bodies to extreme cold for 2 to 3 minutes. The result? A boost to our immune system and positive aesthetic effects on our skin.  They also have a NeuroSpa Energizing Lounge which is a unique kind of relaxation therapy that is said to synchronize our mind and body through the power of sound, light and massage.   This seems to me to be the perfect kind of date to brighten our shine.

Shine Strategy: Spoil Yourself 

You deserve it!   And it doesn’t matter what it is… perhaps it’s a long soothing pedicure, an amazing leather jacket, or treating yourself to a bottle of your favorite perfume. I’ve learned over the years that while it's important to spoil others, it is just as important to spoil myself.  





Personally, I’ve been ogling this amazing snakeskin inspired leather jacket (that arrived last week) that goes with just about everything!    

Shine Strategy: Get Inspired for Spring

Make a date to get yourself inspired for spring (or spring break).  We love holding the first trunk shows of the season that prove warmer days and sunshine are just around the corner!



And there is nothing better than checking out the Lafayette 148 and Leo & Sage collections that will be available to preview and order at K. Renee this Thursday, Friday and Saturday!

From the entire team at K. Renee, we wish you the happiest (and shiniest) Valentine’s Day.  On Tuesday, come see us for a little love.  We will have some sweet sugar cookies to enjoy and roses to share!

I promise our team loves nothing more than helping you brighten your shine! They brighten mine each and every day.