Brighten Up Your World

April 20, 2020

I need something more than doom and gloom these days. That doesn't mean not recognizing the extreme difficulties we are all experiencing and will continue to suffer for some time. I do. But I feel like it is so important to do what we can to brighten up our world.

I stumbled upon a quote that best characterizes my feelings. 





Love that. Be the sunshine! Despite the obstacles that surround us, there are plenty of opportunities to brighten things up from something as simple as wearing bold colors to changing it up at home.  





Let there be light!   Whether it's natural sunshine or of the man-made variety. Light from either source works wonders in lifting your spirits.   So what can you do to brighten things up?


Give your home a fresh coat of paint



There are more paint colors available to choose from than I care to think about. And with so many options, painting your walls with a light neutral shade such as white might seem a little boring. However, there is no better color to lighten and brighten a room.




Hands down, it will instantly make your home feel fresh, clean, airy, and inviting. Need help picking the right paint for your home? Here is a link (click here) to Kelli's favorite neutral colors and why. Still stuck, give us a call or email us for more specific guidance.


Restyle your bookshelves






Our shelves tend to get cluttered and uninspiring over time.   So brighten your home be giving them a fresh new look.

 Start by taking everything off your shelves.  And then take some time to edit. Eliminate anything that you don't love anymore or seems dated and tired. The number one shelf mistake is having too many items (books and framed pictures) and small objects.  

Add a little green

You really only want to focus on a few stand out pieces. Although there might seem like a lot of space to fill, balance and visual weight is vital. Don't be afraid of a little white space. A large sculptural piece can stand alone, while smaller items should be grouped in two's or threes or serve as an accent item on a stack of books.   For more detail on styling your shelves, take a look at an article we wrote a few years back: Create Your Best #Shelfie.


Rearrange Things in Your Home For a New Perspective




Sometimes our furniture remains in the same spot for years and years. Try something new. Move your couch, adjust your chairs, or mix things up by swapping items from a different room. Why do this? Because it opens up your mind to new possibilities. And gets you thinking about your home in a different way.   

When we think about our home decor, the focus tends to be on how it looks. But the more interesting and crucial question is, "How do you want your home to feel?"

So how does your home feel now that you have been spending days and days in it?  I can't think of a better time than right now to do a simple home joy assessment. 




If most of your answers are "Yes," you clearly get great joy from your home and perhaps just need to fine tune a few things.  With more than a few  "No's" you are in need of a joy boost.   Your answers give you some great clues as to what you might strongly consider changing in your home.  

I believe that a joyful home is the essence of a brighter day and serves as the foundation of our well being, reducing stress, increasing creativity, connections, and energy.  






There is just something magical about wearing something vibrant and joyful. I am already dreaming about what I am going to be wearing once we can head back out into the world. And these are some of my picks for happy clothes. 



Oh, how this casual skirt, in a sunny yellow, gives me summer vibes!  The act of putting it on is a sign that surely it will be a great day.   I also love the hot pink pants that I have picked out below with a crisp white top.    This says to me I am going out to a nice meal at my favorite restaurant or attending an outdoor dinner party.   And if I look good, I feel great!




But enough about dreaming... why not put on something colorful and bold today and notice how it brightens your mood!  


Laugh, Laugh a Lot



Nothing brightens your world quite like a good belly laugh...even if for just a moment. So, go after the funny. Search for funny videos on YouTube (Click here for a list of the funniest videos of all time.)  Watch stand up comedy specials, Saturday Night Live or how about reruns of The Carol Burnett Show?  I used to love watching when things got so funny that the cast cracked themselves up!  


Tim Conway was the absolute best.  This picture is from the scene "The Dentist".   To see the full video, click here.

Laughter makes us feel good for a reason. It boosts our immune system by releasing the cells that are responsible for defending our bodies against infection. Hmmm. Laughter is great medicine, especially now.



Give Thanks



Being grateful for even the smallest things that happen can brighten a gloomy day. How about journaling the little (and big) things during this time? 






Giving is one of the best feelings around. And there is an abundant amount of ways to give. Whether that's sending someone an unexpected card, making masks for each other and health care providers, or donating goods to organizations in our community that support those less fortunate.

Our goal should be to simply brighten someone else's day.   

Give out lots of compliments.

Donate to a local food pantry. 

Comment and like the posts of your favorite restaurants or small businesses.


Greet your neighbors that you pass on your daily walk.  


Our own Frank Vaia's birthday is today!    Happy Birthday!  To celebrate, he is supporting the Feeding America initiative. You can help him celebrate by clicking on the picture below! 




Tomorrow, our K. Renee family is taking our truck to Bidwell Riverside to donate food and diapers generously donated by staff.    Giving feels good and brightens the world.   I say we make #CoronaKindess a trend that lasts beyond this time!







I love this little trend that is especially appealing to the kids. Just walk around any neighborhood and see inspirational messages that are appearing on sidewalks around the city and the world.   



I bought some chalk the other day...and I look forward to sitting outside on a beautiful sunny day, dreaming up a chalk creation to brighten someone's day. 


So have some fun finding all of the things in life that brighten your day...and do more of them!   I promise you'll be inspired.  


Be fierce. Be the sunshine,