Breaking News!

February 10, 2020

You are the first to hear of a little (okay, not so little) project we are taking the middle of our already busy lives. 


Yes, K. Renee is heading downtown (at least for a little bit.)  Two things that we have known for a while is that a whole lot of people are moving downtown into new and renovated housing developments. There are 3300 new or underway urban living development projects in the works heading into 2020.

We have already done several city living projects over the years and expect that to continue to be a strong need in the future.   


Another reason we decided to do a “pop up” store (besides the fact it will be fun) is we know that those who live and work downtown may not have had the time to head out to the suburbs to explore our inspirational showroom or get to know our talented team.   So we decided to bring a taste of our beautiful showroom to the city.   

We actually found an exciting space on the skywalk level of Capital Square that is so well suited for us to create an exciting example of urban living at its best.   You can expect to see suite 250 (skywalk level)  transformed into a beautiful, fully furnished home optimized for urban living.   



What else can you expect?   We are going to be hosting LUNCH & LEARN sessions each day that we will be open (March 2 -6)  for groups of 10 - 15.   The focus will be strategies for creating soothing, functional and comfortable yet gorgeously decorated spaces whether that be a smaller downtown footprint or a suburban home.

If you have an interest in hosting your colleagues or friends, I can share with you a few more details and available dates.  Just send me an email at

In other news…


It’s Galentine’s Day at K. Renee!  

Essential oil expert, Ashley Fletchall from doTerra will be at our clothing boutique from 5:30 to 7:30 pm to talk essential oils for love and self-care! She is also bringing a iTOVi scanner that can help each of our guests determine which specific oils provide the most benefit.   



You'll be able to make your own essential oil blend that night to take home.  Just give us a call  (515-453-8461) if you would like to come.   Grab a girlfriend (or two) and celebrate! 


In other BREAKING NEWS,  save the date for our always popular, Lafayette 148 Spring Collection Trunk Show!


This season's Lafayette 148 palette is grounded in neutral shades of beige, creme, stone and black, while pops of color brings joy to this lovely collection so well suited for work, travel, play and everything in between.   You can enjoy seeing the full collection and have pieces you will love for years to come.

Take a sneak peak at what you will be able to see by clicking on the image below.  



Whew, that's a lot of news!!!   Have a wonderful week.   Hope to see you all very soon.