September 14, 2020

As we continue our interview series, today our clients talk about the first time they walked through our doors.   I remember it clearly!    Our clients were adamant that they were "just looking."  Press play to hear all about it!



Such a fun interview!   Let's continue today with a photographic tour of the main living areas including a few before pictures.


Before - Main Living Room

When we walked into our clients home for the first time, they had just a few pieces of furniture.  Most of which they were discouraged by how they worked in their home.   We knew minimalism was their style and desire...


After - Main Living Room





Before -Dining Room


You'll notice that the table in the formal dining room is the same as the one off the kitchen above.   This was one of their before K. Renee purchases and the scale of it was wrong for this front room.    But it was beautifully repurposed and our team went to work finding something fabulous to greet guests as they walked into this beautiful home. 



After -Dining Room








Before -Office


Our client's office needed a little mojo as well...




After - Office




Before -Basement Family Room

Let's take a peek at the basement before with its single sectional that didn't help our clients maximize their space.  





After -Basement Family Room




Home photography by Jennifer Boyles.

Whew, so many pictures!   But I knew you would enjoy.    Next weeks concludes our 3 part client interview with the AFTER.    And I will share all the after pictures of the master bedroom and three guest rooms.   All are spectacular.  

In the meantime, have a fabulous week!