Beauty In The Details

May 26, 2020

Charles Eames, a world renowned architect, and furniture designer, once said,  “The details are not the details. They make the design.” 



As I read this quote, it resonated.  Details matter so much.  It is one of the things I appreciate most about the experience of wandering our showroom...noticing all the beautiful details that make each room stand out as special. 

In our own homes, we tend to have "placeholders" here and there filling in walls, spaces, rooms, and shelves. 

So, what is a placeholder? It is something in your home that fills a spot or a need, but you don't necessarily love this detail in your home. Perhaps you didn't or couldn't make the initial investment in the right furniture, artwork, pillows, or accessories. You remind yourself now and again that you would ideally like something else in replace of your current placeholders. 

Now might be the time to begin purposefully filling your placeholders with items that presented on their own, look singularly special. After all, your home is composed of details, and each one is so important. 

Let's look at a few details that caught my eye.   


A unique metal sculpture that can set the tone in a room.  This beautiful piece can grace a dining table or a large cocktail table.  It has this lovely pearl sheen and shapeshifts from each angle.   



This black and white decorative bowl boasts a pleasing pop of color. When presented on its own, it stands out as special.   




Decorative boxes like these can help you hide keys, mail, remotes, and all sorts of things that tend to look like clutter.   In your home, sometimes what you don't see is just as important as what you do see. 



When replacing your 'placeholders', always choose materials, furniture and accessories that are pleasing for you to look at.   I am fascinated by this sideboard with it's cut out design.  

I am not quite sure what it is, but the detail of this pattern has a happy, "I'm on vacation" quality about it.   A beautiful, yet so functional cabinet makes for a perfect combination.  



Pillows too often are placeholders in a home.   However this detail can make a huge difference to its overall look and feel.   There is true power in the pillow.  Low quality pillows can make an expensive sofa look cheap.   While pillows constructed from quality fabrics and materials can make an inexpensive sofa look rich.    

I love this graphic black and white pillow with beaded detail.  Bold and beautiful. 




When something is on sale or you find a “deal”, it doesn’t always make a purchase a great value.   "Placeholders" often tend to be acquired this way.  Ultimately, you will always get the most bang for your buck when you find something aesthetically pleasing.

This decorative shell with it's gilded interior does just that for me.   It reminds me of the ocean, which for me is a pleasant memory!




Even when you love every item in your home, your eye can’t help but get used to what you see every day. Sometimes changing out just one object in your space can completely refresh a rooms look and feel.

My pick for one stunning object is this crescent shaped stone block surrounding a crystal sphere.  Lovely!




It is all about finding the beauty in the details and collectively pulling them together so that every time you walk into a room it says to you "Welcome Home."

I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend.   We look forward to seeing you soon!