December 7, 2020

Curated and Written by Lisa Wood


Here we are, another year, with less than three weeks until Christmas and an echo of last year's promise to, “Start Christmas shopping earlier next year!” ringing in our ears. 

In this age of perpetual instant gratification, with everything we want or need just one click away, gifting meaningful presents for our loved ones (who in many fortunate cases, have almost everything they need) becomes more difficult a task than it is enjoyable. I know, FA LA LA LA LA, right?

Add 2020 (a doozy of a year) and a global pandemic to the mix, and well… you get my point. 

Enter K. Renee, where our wheels are always turning over ways to help you Live Life Beautifully! 


Each year, when the holidays roll around, we receive calls and emails from our amazing clients (and those that love them most) requesting the help of our stylists AKA gifting experts. It is what we do best and really - when you think about it - what we do year around. Give the gift of light. 

We pride ourselves on knowing each of our client’s individual sense of style and helping them achieve that look in fashion and home. So it makes sense that you would turn to us during this gifting season. 

It’s simple really, just give us a call, send us an email or stop in to our showroom and enlist one of our expert stylists to help you WIN Christmas. Okay, it’s not a competition - but nothing beats the feeling of giving a gift that actually makes their eyes sparkle, am I right?

Now, of course we have plenty of beautiful accessories (bags, jewelry, throws  and candles) that make lovely gifts, sure… but like everything we do at K. Renee, we are going to challenge you to push the envelope. 

Let us help you take your gifting up a notch. With a K. Renee stylist by your side, we can curate a multi-faceted, all-encompassing gift that reflects your giftee’s personality and style. A gift that satisfies not only the fashionista, but the decorista in them. Something to make their heart beat fast.

And to make it even easier for you, we’ll take care of the wrapping and delivery too! At this point, what are you waiting for? 

To get you inspired, we are sharing three curated gift collections, created by our stylists for a few of our K. Renee muses. Notice you can even click and shop the items. 







Happy Gifting!