Bathroom to Spa: Complete!

August 11, 2014
It takes no time at all… you just need to take the time!

That is our motto for most of the transformations that can and should take place in our homes. Yes, often times we decide to take the path of an all out remodel that includes construction to update our spaces. But it is certainly not always needed or necessary.

I decided that rather than gut my master bathroom and go to the expense (and rather large expense) of a major remodel that instead I would invest a lot less time and money to achieve my goal of a spa-like bathroom.

By 9:15 last Friday night, I had not gotten very far on my bathroom to spa transformation.
I had the electrician install the black metal and glass prism chandelier. It’s beautiful to look at and creates lots of dancing light in the room. I also chose a charcoal plush runner for the floor and a gold side table to carry on with my gold and grey story. But lets be honest, at this point it’s not very impressive.

In my days before K. Renee, I would choose just a couple of items at a time for a room that needed some care and attention hoping that they would inspire me to keep working on the room. More often than not, I would feel like not much had changed and give up on the process all together. When you transform a room, it really needs to happen all at once to really bring a room alive and to its full potential.

Before I show you the end result, let’s take a quick look at the before…
As you can see, I had absolutely nothing interesting going on in the space. It was simply a place to pass through while getting ready for the day.

My transformation team (Kelli, Jeff and I) left work about 5:30 pm on Saturday night and met at my house around 6:15. By 7:45 , this is what we achieved…
The first thing we did to add warmth and fullness to the space was hang silky fabric panels above the window. Believe it or not I actually made those panels myself! I found a fabric locally that I liked for my gold and grey bathroom story. I cut the fabric extra long for some dramatic puddles at the bottom. Then simply hemmed the edges with a straight stitch on both the sides and top. I folded the top and stitched across the top to create a pocket for the curtain rod. Easy!
Next, we hung an antiqued mirror (with a Moroccan flair) on one of the large walls and a dramatic piece of artwork on the other. Now the room is really beginning to come alive! The rest is simply details.
We had two sink areas to style. I typically use this area for finishing… a last touch of hairspray or to add a piece (or two) of jewelry. Kelli chose to give this space a bit more drama with light using a silver plated metal lamp with a round shade constructed with glass rods.
Then added a beautiful mirrored tray to be used as a display for some of my current favorite jewelry pieces.

The other side of the bathroom is primarily used for makeup and getting ready for the day. A brass tray with some glass containers is a great way to store essentials such as hair products, bands and pins.

Kelli used a large vase to define the vanity. She kept all of my daily essentials such as perfume, brushes, lotions on the counter top but made them a part of the decor by using trays and jars that keep them beautifully contained.
I think the addition that I love the most is having the gold side table next to the tub. It really sets the tone for the purpose of the room. Bath salts and oil, books, and flowers give me all the tools I need for a little session of relaxation!
In less than two hours, Kelli helped me create a master bathroom that certainly rose to the challenge of the bathroom to spa challenge. I love it! And this morning when I got up, I walked into my bathroom to begin my day… and I felt like a queen.

The fact of the matter is that all of our lives are just a series of fortunate and unfortunate events. The unfortunate events happen to us many times when we least expect them and no matter how we try to avoid or control them – they just happen anyway.

But the thing I have learned over my past two years on the K. Renee team is that unlike the unfortunate events, the fortunate ones don’t just happen… you have to create them.

Our homes are an oasis for opportunity if and when we choose to take action to create such a fortunate event. It really never ceases to amaze me how Kelli can turn nothing into something in just a matter of moments. I am truly fortunate to be the recipient of her midas touch when it comes to styling in both our home store and clothing store!

There is nothing that our team loves more than transforming lives one outfit and room at a time. I’ve been transformed. How about you?