At home...with our beloved pets!

October 7, 2019

This week, we made some family pets super happy! This picture below is certainly one of my favorites, as the beautiful "Hero" finds his spot on an outdoor space we completed last week. How cozy is this for humans and animals alike?      


Not only does our outdoor furniture withstand the elements but also the outdoor shenanigans of a beloved pet - even on rainy and muddy days. The slipcovered Sunbrella fabric can simply be hosed off or removed to throw in the washer! Easy peasy.


Yesterday, Stacie sent me another picture of a striking kitty finding a perch on a new set of animal print swivels. How cute is that?

While some of you have pets that aren't allowed on furniture or don't have pets at all, I am here to tell you that beautiful homes can easily withstand the mishaps of furry friends (as well as messy kids and uncoordinated guests.)    

I, for one, allow my four-legged family members to enjoy all of my home. All you need is a few tricks of the trade to keep things in tip-top shape.  And I have several up my sleeve to help with the inevitable mishaps that our furry friends will bring into our homes.   


Paw Cleaner

I have white carpet in my home, which is the part of my home that gets the most negative impact from my animals. Especially when we start the snow/rain/muddy season. I found this little device that has pretty much been a live-saver, and I keep it by the door for those not so nice days.    


I simply fill it with some warm water (comfort reasons only) and scrub down each paw and pat it dry. Voila! Muddy paws have gone.


Spot Bot


I find that it's my carpets that suffer so much more than furniture which is why I  love my Spot Bot for area rug and carpet stains. I generally use a mild detergent and water, especially when I am cleaning my area rugs.   


It is lightweight, easy to use, and a life-saver. Works pretty great for human mishaps too.


Lint Brushes

I also have white chairs throughout my home and a black cat. Occasionally, I will walk by, and they look horribly dirty. What I have discovered is that is it merely clean, black cat hair and quickly lifts with a lint brush. Lint brushes are great for going over all of your upholstery on occasion. Just keeps them fresh and hair-free.  



Performance Fabric


Okay, now we are getting down to the nitty-gritty. When we source home furnishings, we always keep pets – and families – in mind. Most of our light sofas and chairs are available in (and stocked in) performance fabrics. As a matter of fact, I am planning on adding a white sectional to my home (just like below), and the fabric is the drool, paw forgiving, stain-resistant Sunbrella.   

Performance fabrics (including those that are 100% polyester) allow you to move away from the stain-disguising brown and dark materials (the stain and dirt are still there even if you can't see it) and allow you to choose a spectrum of neutral colors and patterns.   

Animals or not, our performance fabrics are perfect for family homes with lots of kids and for those who love to entertain!


So what is the best way to clean upholstery these days?

  1. Blot (don't rub) liquid spills with a clean, dry, white cloth. For oil-based spills, apply an absorbent such as corn starch, then remove with a straight edge.
  2. Spray on a mild cleaning solution of soap and water.
  3. Remove any soap residue with a damp white cloth.
  4. Air dry.



Comfy and Beautiful Throw

Throws are a fabulous way to make pets and people comfortable on your chairs and sofas. Who doesn't want to lay with a soft and cozy wrap?


Billie the Sheepadoodle enjoys the cozy yarn of this incredibly soft throw that is spun to create a heathered effect. Machine washable!!!   


Stacie's furry child, Pippa, loves a good mongolian fur throw! So many good options, and now it the perfect time to add some warmth to your home. We are gonna need it soon.   


Washable Bedding

Both my cat and dog sleep on my bed.   What can I say, I am a softie.  


And I have this gorgeous ivory quilt on my own bed. I love that I can have a luxurious bed that is machine washable!    



Most of the bedding that we carry is machine washable. Our homes are meant to be lived in, whether that means pet-friendly or you just simply don't want to worry about spills, makeup, or whatever finds itself making its mark.    


I honestly can't imagine my home without pets. And I want to live in my house how I want to live. Luckily those two things can coincide beautifully.   

Just a reminder about our New Season of Style event on Thursday evening. If you don't have plans, I think it would absolutely be worth your while to stop by.



The style team has been busy planning a gallery space where fashion is going to collide with home design. We have customers informally modeling some stylish looks to coordinate with the new room designs created specifically for the evening.

Not only will it be a great way to experience an outfit to room concept, but a casual evening designed to enjoy a few bits, a cocktail, and to talk one-on-on about our favorite   

Have a wonderful week!