An Old Friend Brings A New SPRING REVIVAL

March 19, 2017
A new spring revival to your wardrobe that is! 

Back in 2010, Kelli found a label in New York that she thought would resonate with our clients. It was a sophisticated, feminine and contemporary collection. And it quickly became a client favorite. And that line was Robert Rodriguez.

In 2014, Robert decided to part ways with his business partners to decompress from the pressures of the fashion world and to develop a clear vision of what he wanted to do next as a fashion designer.

Well, our old friend is back with a new collection that his customers new and old will love and can put that much needed kick of inspiration into your spring wardrobe... from coats and flattering tops to elevated but casual bottoms!


On Thursday through Saturday of this week, we are hosting his New York rep, Allison Mars Virgilio for a 3-day styling event. And she is bringing with her all of the outstanding pieces from the collection that we thought you would absolutely love.

One of my favorites is this denim trench coat.

You can never have too many lightweight coats and jackets in your closet (especially in Iowa). Our days might be warm, but the nights are often cool even through the summer.

A coat like this can be dressed up...or dressed down. I would put this coat over a basic tee with a black skinny jean. Pair it with a pair of sneakers for day and an embellished sandal for night.

Another jacket that I am intrigued with is Robert’s cold shoulder blazer.

Notice when worn with a blouse underneath, the bare shoulder goes away and instead you get a peep of the white underneath. You could do this same thing with a fun print blouse. I also love the touch of skin when wearing it bare. Now, I would probably put a sleeveless tank underneath which gives the same effect but makes it less revealing through the neckline. But you never know...

And this print jacket (Sigh.)

A versatile and casual print jacket that can be the statement piece in a complete outfit or a great coat to throw on when you are on the go and don’t have time to think about what to wear but still want to look great. The jacket does that for you!

I could go on… (and I will for those of you I see this week) but I want to tease you a little more with a few more of my personal favorites...

You will find incredibly beautiful and fun tops and blouses, pants, skirts and dresses from this collection.

As well as interesting touches and details that you will not see anywhere else. For example, this corset belt that makes any white shirt high fashion.

I’m also equally excited that our New York representative (and denim fit specialist) is bringing along a hot, up and coming jean line. 

We all know how tough it is to find great looking jeans that fit amazing! Brockenbow Jeans solve that problem.

Brockenbow is a Parisian brand that has taken the denim market by storm! Its great fit, unique design & high quality finish is drawing a global fan base.

Want tasteful embellished denim? You’ve got it! A great fitting skinny jean? You will find it. Our rep is bringing samples of each of the Spring 2017 styles along with sizes to try!

 Everyone has everyday jeans, but we are excited to help you find your go-to ‘fashion’ jeans, whether it be flared, roughed up with some distressing, or even embellished with a little novelty.

Look at the detail on the bottom of this jean…

Nothing reads cool and effortless like a great pair of jeans that can be worn for play and for an evening out.

Can you tell that I am a little amped up about the Robert Rodriguez collection and the Brockenbow denim? I am. And here is why...

You know, I am not a spring chicken anymore. And I have lumps and bumps that won’t seem to go away! But I still like to command a room when I walk into it. The best way I know how to do that is by leading with great style that enhances who I am today.

Collections like this (two of the many that we always carry at K. Renee) give me the arsenal that I want to carry myself the way I want to walk and be in this world. Fashion gives us the opportunity to reinvent and transform ourselves. And there are not many things that can build confidence quite like a new look or a few new outfits to freshen it up!

I would love to share my love of style with you in person when you have a chance to stop in. When I work with a client on their personal styling and wardrobe, I love to focus on flattering styles and different ways to make multiple uses of the pieces that you love. How do you dress it up, dress it down, wear it 3 ways (at least)!

While I might not always be in the clothing store, I am always available for a personal styling appointment. All you need to do is ask (!

I will be in the clothing store along with our New York rep and the rest of our styling team all day Thursday and Friday. On Thursday, we will have a model on hand to show you Kelli's favorite curated looks (and you know that will be good!) from these two exclusive lines.


Come play with me!  I promise you'll be inspired.