An Infectious Spirit

March 26, 2018

 Let's just take a moment of silent prayer that we have experienced the last Spring snowfall.   My flowers that were promising warmer weather ahead were just beginning to rise when a layer of snow hit them!     


I am going to confidently (or hopefully) predict that this is going to be the last snowfall and we can now safely proceed to sandal season!    

Over the last couple of weeks, I have talked about K. Renee's purpose and started to discuss our core values.  As a quick review, our purpose is to INSPIRE our customers and our first core value is to be STYLE DRIVEN (which I talk about in my last two blogs: Accountable to the Promise and It Stops You in Your Tracks). 

The next two of our core values are to be Passionate and to have a Do It Now attitude.    


For us, being PASSIONATE means that we believe in sharing our infectious spirit for compelling style. 

Being passionate is the energy that comes from within each one of us.  And it is the difference between doing a “job” and choosing to do the work that we believe we are supposed to be doing.


And we are passionate about all the positive things that great style can bring to both our own lives and yours.  I think you can see this infectious spirit illustrated every day at K. Renee by the care and attention that is given to each inspired room set you will see as you wander through our home store.   


Or shown through the curated clothing and shoes that reveal themselves each and every day that you might choose to walk through our doors.


And you will also find that passion in how confident we are that we can deliver to you a home that is styled better than you might imagine and create outfits that will make you shine in the best of ways.


Our value of passion holds our standards very high and we work each and every day to provide products and services that you might not even know you need yet.  It fuels our confidence, creates excitement and is contagious!    


The third core value that drives us is a DO IT NOW attitude - Today is the best day to start improving your life, later may never come.  


There are two important aspects to this core value for K. Renee.   Really the backbone of the way we do business is built on this principal.    We believe that when you decide to reinvent your home or want to furnish it, you should be able to do that within days or weeks of when you decide that it should be completed.   

There is nothing more frustrating than wanting to make a change and then having to wait months if not a year or more to get it done. We stock our store so you don’t have to wait.   You aren't forced to order furniture that you have never sat in or don't know is as comfortable and beautiful as you expected.  Our ever-changing array of inventory is available right now.  

The second aspect of our core value of DO IT NOW relates to its roadblock...SOMEDAY.     While someday may have its place in our lives, we fundamentally don’t believe that anyone should wait until SOMEDAY to live life to its fullest.  

-Someday I will decorate my home the way I have always wanted it.   (Boo, Hiss)

-Someday I will travel the world.  (Book a trip now)

-Someday (when I lose 10 pounds) I will invest in myself again.  

(I have been trying to lose 10 pounds for 10 years so that doesn't work!) 

Too many of us have learned the difficult lesson that life can end shamefully early and we may not be granted the luxury of someday. Procrastination hinders our ability to harness our full potential in life.   Every second that we have is an opportunity to live our dreams and achieve the things we strongly desire.

It has been eight short years ago since my very passion-driven and do it now husband lost his life. Thank God he embedded these important principles into my soul and we maximized the too short time that we got to share.   He used to push me way out of my comfort zone by wanting to do things NOW - not when the time seemed plainly obvious someday down the road.   It used to drive me crazy.  Why couldn’t I just be more comfortable?  Why not next year...or the year after?  

The answer became painfully obvious.   

I am thankful for every uncomfortable yet rewarding moment that came about because we didn’t let SOMEDAY steal away all that we could choose to do and share. 

I am also thankful that I have a team that surrounds me at K. Renee that drive these same important values!

THANK YOU to everyone that we had the pleasure of seeing last week at our Lafayette 148 trunk show in the clothing store. This is always an exciting time in the store as the Spring fashion season continues to unfold and we get ready to enjoy warmer weather.    

Later this week, we will have an expanded assortment of spring selections available from Ramy Brooke, a line we carry that is just plain fun!     




 Hope to see you soon!    If you have been thinking about stopping by...why don't you just do it now?