An Explosion of Passion

July 9, 2018

I had the good fortune to be able to make a performance of Hamilton last week (as I know many of you have as well.)    I hate to admit it, but I literally knew nothing about the show...except getting tickets has been near impossible in New York.    I LOVE live theatre, movies, books and all that good stuff so I searched at the Civic Center website that stated tickets still remained (and still do)!   How could I let such an opportunity go by?  So last Thursday, off I went with my sister-in-law Gina.  



I sat there with a happy grin on my face, eyes wide and mesmerized throughout the first half.   Brilliance was happening right in front of me as the lyrics were rapped and sung about the struggles of independence and the formulation of our country.    How did we get so lucky to have this troupe in Des Moines during the week of the 4th of July?  

The second half was equally stunning as the first, but the happy grin on my face changed with the emotion of the play.  I felt all of the angst, sorrow, and determination as the story unfolded.    I was dumbstruck by the explosion of passion coming from each and every member of the cast - whether a small player or a lead character.     An explosion of passion is the only way I can think to describe those last scenes in this wondrous play.


That for me was the most magnificent part...seeing a team of talented individuals telling a worthy story with every ounce of energy in their souls.   Let's not forget these folks do this play six days a week, with two performances on Saturday and Sunday.  This cast clearly LOVES what they do.

It reminded me a lot of our own team at K. Renee.    Each member of our small and mighty troupe is passionate about creating beautiful spaces and wardrobes. I think Kelli would be at her happiest if we were transforming a new home every single day of the year (with two a day on the weekends.)   That is how much we love that magical feeling of creating beautiful spaces in every home we have the opportunity to create.

On the topic of transformations, today we are furnishing a home (by Platinum Development) that is being presented in the 2018 Homeshow Expo. 

(Rendering of the Platinum Development home)

Homeshows are quite an interesting proposition.  The homes are built with seconds to spare before the deadline of turning in the keys for the official start of the Homeshow Expo 2018.  And we don't go in to furnish the home until the builders are out!  K. Renee will be doing our part -furnishing the interior-  with 24 hours to spare.   

Yesterday it looked like this...




And by the end of today, we will be completely finished.   To do this in a day might seem like a lot, but that's how we roll!   We don't just have one passionate and talented person making this happen; K. Renee has an entire team from our delivery and installation squad to our style team and everyone in between that supports the magic.   

Stay tuned!   I will have some preview pictures of the finished interior in next weeks blog.    I encourage you all to tour this home first-hand throughout the next couple of weeks. The homeshow officially starts this coming Friday!  (Click on the logo for more information about location and parking!)


I will be out there myself quite a bit, so look me up, and I will give you a personal tour.    And I promise you will be inspired!!!





The spring and summer sale begins today in our clothing store!