15 Easy Ways To Cozy Up Your Home

November 4, 2019

There is a chill in the air that is here to stay.   Halloween is behind us, and we are heading to the peak season of cold weather, family gatherings and time at home.     Good thing that I love being at home.  It is comforting and exciting to be there primarily because I have created a cozy sanctuary.   Have you?    No worries, there is still lots of time to get it done and enjoy the months ahead.



So today is all about 15 easy ways to make your home warm and inviting. That doesn't include cranking up the heat!

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Add a Fur or Faux Fur to Your Mix



Oh, my.  There is nothing that screams cozy better than an inviting fur.   Drape one of these beauties on your sofa and sit back and watch who tries to claim it as their spot.  

It is such an easy addition to a room and has a truly transformative quality about it.



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Add Some Warm Colors and Texture To Your Bed



 The great thing about having a neutral base to your bedroom is that is so easy to add a few layers that resonate with the season.  Swap out a few pillows and add a cozy coverlet...and voila, you have changed your bedroom from a warm to cold-weather retreat. 


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Consider Accent Chairs in a Warm Color and Cozy Fabric


A wonderful way to add warmth to a room is with a rich color that works well with a neutral palette.   This plum swivel chair in cozy fabric pairs so well with creams, grays, blacks, taupes, and whites.    Such a soothing color!  

You can also achieve the same effect through your artwork, pillows, and throws.



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Change Up or Add Some Area Rugs 



A rug (even a rug on carpet) instantly makes a room feel warmer and cozy.    Areas to especially consider are bedrooms and all of your rooms with hard surfaces.    

Refreshing old rugs with new ones is one of the easiest (and most cost-effective) ways to bring a room back to life.   

I have a dog and a cat who both love the'warmth' that a rug brings to their life.    And every four or five years, I look forward to replacing my area rugs. Not necessarily because I need to but because it always feels like a fresh start!    Love that feeling.



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Create A More Usable Dining Area



Gone are the days of the formal matching dining room sets. You know the ones that typically collect dust most of the year.

Instead, dining areas can be created so they inspire you to use them year-round. We are loving this table with a black base and smoky grey (and usable) tabletop.  The mix and match chairs and storage unit we have paired with the table inspires.  

Believe me, I know how hard it is to give up that old school dining set that continues to sit in your home despite all the updating that you have done.  I promise, there is something cathartic about releasing the past to bring on a new future.



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Incorporate Natural Materials 



Natural materials, like this reclaimed wood table,  bring a lovely warmth to a home.  Wood as an organic element reminds us of nature and brings a cozy, unfussy look and feel.

A rustic table can be dressed up (like we have here) or dressed down.     What I love most about wood tables like these is that the fear of the 'scratch'becomes a moot point...and all of your fall gatherings and dinners are simply about food, fellowship, and fun.


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Throw In an Animal Print


Animal prints are all the rage in women's clothing and are considered to be a timeless print.   The same holds true for your home.  This print is a tried and true winter classic.

We have lots of animal prints to consider in throws, pillows, hides, rugs, and upholstery.  Go ahead, channel your wild side.   Just a bit.

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Create a Cozy Reading Corner


Winter always seems to bring on a few extra hours to read a good book or peruse magazines.   Why not create a cozy spot in your home for just that purpose?   A private sanctuary just for you.



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Bring Out Extra Blankets



This time of year, you can't have enough throw blankets.   I have two on my sofa and my child always steals both of them leaving me with a chill.   Not only do they make a home look cozier in so many different spots, but you will also appreciate not getting left out in the cold.


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Swap In Touches From The Outdoors



Touches of nature throughout your home create a warm and cozy feel. Being outside is naturally appealing.  It makes us feel refreshed, calm and at peace.   Since we can't go outside comfortably as much, bring a few elements in! 

Don't be shy about bringing in the sculptural look of branches, fragrant florals, and lots of seasonal greens.



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Layers, Layers, Layers


The number one reason that a home looks cold and clinical is not having enough layers and finishing touches.    These are the elements that bring the softness and warmth to each and every room in your home.  

Keep in mind that layering is not about creating clutter...that is something that we all want to avoid.    When it comes to successful layering in your home, this is an area where I think our stylists can offer excellent advice and suggestions for just the right touches...perfect for you, perfect for each room.


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Warm Up With Gold



Gold accents and furnishings have an incredible warming effect in a home.    Never fear, you can have gold right alongside your silver, brushed nickel, or wrought iron. 

As you know, we are big fans of mixing all metals in your home!   Gold is a magnificent addition.


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Try a Dark Accent Wall


 A trick to create a cozy environment is to paint a feature wall a dark tone (but still neutral) that complements the rest of your decor.

A darker color can have a more intimate feel.  A couple of years back, Kelli wrote a blog on her favorite accent colors.  If you are considering this option, it will make a good read!   Click here for the article.


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Consider Adding Decorative Lighting


Warmth is naturally cast from above by having a lovely light fixture.   If you have a fan in your living room that is rarely used, consider adding a stunning light fixture that spreads its light below.   Turn off the overhead cans and let your fixture illuminate an incredibly cozy feel.


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Exchange a Hard Surface for a Soft One


If you feel like you have too many hard lines or too much of the same materials in your home, consider changing your coffee table to an over-sized ottoman.

The cushioned surface softens a family room and gives you a great opportunity to kick your feet up and really get cozy.   You can easily pull double duty with an ottoman by adding a tray to create a hard surface for vases or drinks.


The season has changed and so must we, right?   This time of year, it is especially important to love where you live.  I promise an inspiring, warm, comfortable home will make these months so much easier to bear.    Not sure what to do?    Take some photos of your home (and the areas that are giving you the most challenge) and head on over.    We always have an idea or two to get you where you want to go.

Stay Cozy!