A Transformation Story by Nichol Toomire

February 20, 2015

Why K. Renee?  Because as soon as I walked into their home store, I knew it would be the place that my dreams would become reality.

I had spent over six months looking for furniture for my living room but couldn’t find anything even close to what I wanted. But that changed the day when I just happened to find their beautiful showroom in West Des Moines.    K. Renee was amazing and I could picture myself in any one of their many inspiring room settings.

My dream was to transform my living room into a coastal retreat where I would get the same sense of peace and tranquility as when I’m sitting on a sandy beach watching the waves roll in.  My family and I love to travel and spend time on the ocean.  

My first step in the process was to as Julie states “get out of my own way”!     I struggled at first with thinking that I had to select each and every piece of furniture one-at-a-time for my dream room to make sure it coordinated and was, well, “Perfect”

Looking back,  I can’t believe the amount of stress I put on myself worrying about how I was going to do it.   This is where Julie came in and saved me.    I remember her asking me, “What are you afraid of?   That it won’t be perfect?     Just let go and let Kelli and Stacie do the design work for you!”     

Once I decided to leave the hard work to the design team it was such an easy process.    I got to see some beautiful mood boards and also began reading the Light of Style blog which was inspirational and helped me see the possibilities.   

Kelli and Stacie did such an awesome job listening to my ideas, looking at all my visual notes and creating my dream!   Here is one of the many visual notes that I sent to the girls... 

Five months (It could have been sooner but I had to get out of my own way) after I first stepped into the home store for the very first time,  Kelli and Stacie transformed my living, dining and bedroom into a Chic Coastal Retreat. 

The K. Renee concept of having the kind of service where a team designs a room for you  and hand selects all the individual pieces that align with your dreamscape and then personally arranges everything in your home from hanging the pictures at the right height (never knew how to do that) was simply unthinkable.    To take it even further, the dedication to the details such as placing beautiful candle sticks on my dining room table (learned about grouping accessories in odd numbers such as 3 & 5), and then surprising me with a final reveal was magical. 

It is not a furniture delivery van that pulls up and says, “hey, where do you want the couch”?    Kelli, one of the owners of the store and Stacie, the store manager showed up on my doorstep and personally transformed my home!  How cool is that?

K. Renee rolls out the red carpet for its customers and makes you feel special and cared for.   My tranquil coastal retreat was more fabulous than I ever could have dreamed or created on my own.

It wasn’t long before Kelli and Stacie transformed all the rooms in my home from a second coastal bedroom to creating a dressing room, 2 bathroom spa retreats, a bedroom for my teenage son, outdoor lounge, and a cool basement “man-cave”!

My home is now my favorite "vacation" destination and I finally have the peace and tranquility I always had hoped to feel.   Honestly before I found K. Renee,  my home felt like a bad motel stay,  someplace I just didn’t want to be!    I kept thinking maybe if we bought or built a new house it would all be better; however I still would have been stuck with my un-loved furniture and a sense of being unsatisfied and disappointed. 

So what’s next you may ask?   Why the only thing left to transform, my wardrobe!   It is so nice to walk into the  clothing store and get the same personal attention to helping you look and feel your best! 

I truly appreciate having Julie and DJ pick out complete looks that would work for me (I'm petite and always thought I was hard to fit) and show me how to put outfits together creating a solid foundation that will last through the years.    And how great are DJ’s style reports?    I anxiously await the next edition of those, the blogs and the daily photo uploads with fashion ideas! 

With the guidance and support of this team that has helped me from floor to ceiling and head to toe... I have learned to take a risk and make some bold “furniture and fashion” choices like my cowhide rug or beautiful black sheep wool bench or a Rachel Zoe white leather jacket with zip off sleeves, and I definitely have a love for all things that shine! 


Like the saying, “You’ve come a long way baby” and so I have!    I dared to dream and allow a wonderful group of visionaries (One K. Renee) to come into my life and help me turn my vision into a reality.   It is so nice to work with such amazing and caring people.   My transformation was life changing and the friendships I have formed with K. Renee team is the most rewarding part of the experience! 

I can’t thank you all enough!   This really was one of the best decisions I have ever made and one that has brought me great joy!

To see some additional pictures of my space, click here!

All my best,


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