A Superhero Story: Making It Feel New Again

February 25, 2018

By Gina Ross 

So, it's Friday night, and you have been invited out to meet friends.   Perhaps a party, an event or just out to a nice dinner.    

You were excited to go at first...but then you get to your closet and are overwhelmed with your everyday uniform.    All you can see in your closet is a sea of grey, black and possibly some wild and crazy navy blue “work clothes.”   



Okay, I’ll be honest.   This is MY story.   I may be saying ‘you’ but go ahead and just insert ‘I’ and you get the picture of what I used to face.

I found myself (at one time) overwhelmed with suit jackets and pants, white blouses, maybe a cardigan or two and various styles of black leather pumps… with a practical heel height.  





This picture is not of me...but it certainly could have been.

Although I was looking forward to a fun night out,  panic would begin to set in.    What was I going to wear?    Everyone else somehow would have the perfect “out on the town” outfit, and well, I just felt that I was going to look like I was getting ready to do someone’s taxes.    

Look like I'm doing taxes

Have you ever felt that same way?    I used to feel this way more often than I care to admit. But as I began to work closely with the K. Renee style team, I’ve learned a few things about layering and switching things up.     Ahh, but never fear, our K. Renee Style Superheroes are here.    

Style superhero

Emily Powell, one of our K. Renee Superhero Stylists


And they are always available to guide you through creating unique and interesting ways to re-invent your business and/or casual pieces - giving you some fun and high style combinations in just a matter of minutes.  Let’s just start with the basic black jacket.   


These are two of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe.   And for the most part, we all have versions of them in our closets.  Boring, right?  

The first secret that I learned was to take a step back and look at my clothes from a different angle.   I had in my head that a black blazer or jacket was just BORING and basic. Well, they certainly were when I wore them that way. It’s not the jacket that is BORING; it was the way I chose to think about it.

Nothing supports this notion better than the picture below of one of our styling team members (Kasey) who rocked a basic blazer, top and pants.    It’s her attitude about what she is wearing and her willingness to take this silhouette and elevate it with a choker, higher pair of heels, clutch and a sense of confidence that will stop you in your tracks.


BORING would not be the word that comes to mind...but the word FIERCE does!

The second secret I have learned is to find someone who loves great style...that seems to have this intangible knack for always looking great and ask them to inspire you with some fresh ideas.

It's important to find someone you trust to PUSH you a little. Honestly, we all just need to be pushed out of our own style ruts and comfort zones.   And that is what a great stylist can do for you.   

Style Challenge

So my challenge to the K. Renee style team was to come up with some fun ideas for my simple black jackets… and here is the inspiration they provided me.   I hope it helps you too!



Photo from Stylecaster


Styling Tip: Create an evening look with your blazer by pairing it back to a soft-feminine dress, a favorite clutch, and pointed-toe pumps.




 Style Tip: Throw your jacket over a longer blouse with a feminine detail, skinny jeans and a heel for a delightfully polished-yet-relaxed outfit.





Photo from Stylecaster


Style Tip: Get out your chic heels and wear them with distressed jeans, slouchy print tee, and your best black blazer. Downtown cool at its best.




Photo from Stylecaster

Style tip


Style Tip: Wear your blazer as a top with a feminine skirt - pleats and lace would both work great.   How easy would this be to go from day to night?   Wear this combination with a turtleneck or blouse and then shed the layer and switch bags and shoes.  Ultra-easy, ultra-glam.



Style Tip


Styling Tip: Drape your jacket over a ladylike dress, tights, and heels for the perfect date night outfit.




Style Tip

Styling Tip: Anchor an oversized comfortable top with a little black jacket.   Add tights and boots and be warm, fun and fashionable.



Photo from Stylecaster

Style Tip


Style Tip:  Dress a blazer down by wearing a sweater and soft shirting underneath, your best pair of skinnies and favorite sneakers.   




Heels and accessories

Style Tip

Style Tip:   Don’t forget the power of accessories and high heels.  Yes, heels can be a little painful at times, but they can absolutely turn a look that we are bored with into something gasp worthy!


So maybe instead of calling this blog, “Making IT Feel New Again”, perhaps I should say “Making MYSELF Feel New Again.”   

Now and again, we ALL find ourselves in a style rut. And that is the perfect time to call on the superhero K. Renee stylists to recharge your style with a few minor switches, some great tips, and a fresh perspective.   




Really, any one of our stylists, whether you normally find her/him working on the home or clothing side of the business can help you out of whatever rut you may be knee-deep in. It’s about finding the person that resonates with your personal style.   So, click on the one that you feel can best give you a helping hand…(and they will be happy to schedule a time to connect.)



Stylishly Yours,