A Room Full of Possibility

March 4, 2019

You have a room in your home (or a few) that you know in your heart is full of possibility.   That if you just find the right this or that it will suddenly live up to your expectations. And you hunt...and hunt...and hunt...for things here and there that will surely do the trick.   But rarely do.

I used to know this story.   And I am guessing that some of you do as well.   

If you are like me, what you ultimately want for the rooms in your home is to achieve some kind of WOW factor.   And some of us just don’t have the ability to create that WOW all on our own.  


Why?  Because a fabulous interior decorator or stylist actually thinks differently, spatially really, and has the ability to see an overall picture and, most important, to think outside of the expected and not so inspiring box.

A client that we served last week has a beautiful home full of promise and possibility.  They knew it wasn’t living up to its possibility. After years of trying to add a few things here and there, from time to time, to tie it all together, our client ultimately decided to entrust our style team to create a room that finally lived up to their expectations.   



It can be so hard to let go of the idea that we can accomplish our home goals on our own, isn’t it?   Because it actually seems so simple (when it is really not.)

I used to think that I could paint abstract paintings - it couldn’t be that hard, could it?   Throw down a few favorite colors, let my creative spirit take over... and I would be good to go.  But as I have learned in this arena as well, I can easily become an abstract artist - but not easily one with talent.  




Similarly, one can easily be a decorator, but not necessarily a talented and effective one.    

The talent in interior design really begins in the thought process.   What can the design bring into your world? What feeling will it depict?  And what are all of the obvious and not so obvious choices that can be made to achieve those goals?  A fully developed idea for a space.

And that is just what our style team did for this space.    Taking it from this...


To this.   Comfortable, inviting, and well-proportioned for the space...and everything the family wanted for their formerly underused gathering room.



This room has been taken from a room full of possibility to a room that just seems to call your name to enter, sit and stay a long while.



This great room is a two-story space and often without the right proportions both in depth and heighth, it can be difficult to make the room feel complete, cozy and comfortable.   



In this case, we used both artwork and bookshelves to help lower the ceiling and give it that finally completed feeling.

This week we get to offer our same skills to the Ruth Harbor House in their peace room and library.     Over time rooms can become overwhelmed with furnishings that serve a function but offer no form of inspiration for a room full of possibility.


The room has been cleared, painted and newly carpeted!   The next step will be to add K. Renee furnishings, accessories and layers.  I am super excited to show you the results next week!



Have a fabulous week,




"Every time we walk into our new living space we say "Wow!" Working with the team was so effortless. They looked at our home, listened to our needs, and came up with some plans. A few days later we had an appointment in the store, chose pieces, and the style delivery was made. We never knew we had such great taste! Thank you for creating our corner of the word so beautifully."

- One Happy Client


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