A Project of Joy

April 17, 2016

Last week my blog "10 Design Considerations For Decorating Success" came to life this past Monday when we completed a project of joy for Joy.    Our customer (Joy), lives in this gorgeous historic home on the east side.  She charged us with the task of creating a living space that she couldn't wait to come home to... and wake up to in the morning.

So let's take a look at the 10 design considerations from last week and how we put them into action.     

We were able to complete this gorgeous room except for one detail, the new chandelier, which replaces the original fixture (and will be gently re-purposed in the dining room).    A certified electrician needs to install the new fixture and is scheduled to do so the middle of this week.    It will be simply amazing in this room.

Kelli designed an interesting (and functional) room layout that brought the entire room together as one instead of creating small little areas in this long and thin room.    Our client really wanted to use these two lounges in the space for casual and comfortable seating near the fireplace but also needed additional seating for entertaining.

A down filled sofa was placed at the end of the room and just seemed to pull the entire space together creating one large room.  It also provided our customer with a really cozy and comfortable place to unwind at the end of the day.

An extra wide floor length mirror helps expand the width of the room and is framed beautiful with the white linen panels.   As soon as that new light fixture is hung, the mirror will reflect back all the beautiful layers and textures in the room.

Our client's husband already had a large bar cabinet placed in the room.   We thought it was important that he had a nearby surface to set up his bar when entertaining in this lovely room.   Kelli chose a stone console to flank the end of one of our lounges and near the existing bar cabinet.

You will see (in all the pictures) many lovely layers of art, accessories, rugs, pillows and throws.   Mixing various metals and textures along the way.

Not only did our client love the new look and feel of her living room... but the dog of the house was pretty happy with the (or should I say 'his') new rug.

But as always, the only thing that really matters is successfully meeting the dreams, wants and needs of our clients.     For us, that makes it a project of joy.

Next week, we have plans to share with you a three season porch transformation that was pretty incredible.   But until that time, we have a great upcoming event at the clothing store.

Our own Susy Damon is holding her first SHOE trunk show featuring Andre' Assous who is well known for his jute wrapped espadrilles.    This Friday and Saturday only...you will be able to view and order from both his 2016 Spring and Fall Collection.

So, what is on my shoe wishlist?   I have my eye on four shoes that I think might be able to carry me through Spring and Summer in style and comfort.   For me, a black slip on mule with a wedge is a MUST.    I also love the platinum soft leather wedge because it will go with everything!!!!  

If I am going to do a flat, it will be this little natural slip on.   How cute?     And of course, I have to pick one pair that I just simply love and it is this light brown leather wedge with a crossover strap at my ankle.   This style is flattering for my healthy (code word for large) feet.   Want to see more of the shoes you will see?   Click here.

Now that the weather has turned...my socks are off for good, pedicures are back on my schedule and fun new shoes are on my list.    How about you?