A NEW LIGHT: 5 Ways Our Homes Will Change In The Immediate Future

May 18, 2020

The last two months have certainly cast a new light on our homes, hasn't it?   

I can't remember a time of this length when nearly every aspect of our lives is centered around the home. Not only is our home a place where we can feel safe and comfortable, but it is also a restaurant, bar, spa, gym, workplace, schoolhouse, entertainment, and town center.  

What we value and need from our home has changed.  

The most obvious change is...

Working at home is clearly going to become commonplace, especially for those positions that don't require a large degree of face to face interaction.   

If you are working at home, you might be tired of the make-do arrangement in the corner of your living room, at the center island or family dining table. A home office that was once a luxury is not a must-have space.  


We are working with clients that want to be inspired and motivated to go to work in their dedicated space.  A place they can not only work in peace and quiet but also to collect their thoughts and take a peaceful break without having to move to another room in their home.

It is no longer an argument that a home office is an essential amenity. This space can certainly look as inspired as the rest of your home while helping you create a balance between work and play. 



Thankfully the weather is starting to change and we FINALLY have another room to explore and enjoy which leads me to the second change...


Whether you have a balcony or a big backyard, experiencing fresh air and the outdoors can not be underestimated in these stay-at-home days. We need to feel connected to the outside world, so no matter the size, this important area will play a more significant role in your home. 

This gorgeous outdoor dining table just arrived! 

We are having an influx of clients that want to expand their areas of comfort to include their backyard and deck. And the best way I know how to do this is by having outdoor furnishings that scream sit down and stay awhile!

Fortunately, you don't have to give up your love of great design and an elevated aesthetic once you take a step outside. We have all-weather furnishings that are perfect for your patio, terrace, or deck offer unrivaled comfort and style.   These are just a few of the beauties that you will see when you walk through our doors...

Outdoor furnishings that provide a breath of fresh air! Something that we all certainly need these days.  Something that we all seem to be needing a bit more of as well is...

Some of you have never spent so much time with your family members and are yearning for just a little bit of privacy. An underused small room in your house can create this much-needed opportunity for your very own private oasis.  


This is a little oasis we created in a bonus room above the garage.

An unused room can be turned into a sanctuary for meditating, reading, or unwinding. A place for your new found hobbies. Or you might prefer giving your master bathroom a zen, spa-like feeling.   

No matter where it is - A 'room of one's own' - has taken on new meaning and greater significance in our lives. To be able to close a door just to be in your own space is a necessity.   

What would a room of your own look like if you had a magic wand? This might be the perfect time to start thinking about it.  Another change in our homes is the need to...

Those untouchable spaces in our homes just don't make sense for us anymore. The lovely ones that we don't use but once or twice a year and are afraid for kids and pets to enjoy.   

We need all of our spaces to be used for multiple purposes. And the trend will be to turn to furnishings and upholstery that can easily handle the wear and tear of lots of use.  Which is why most of our upholstery features performance fabric that withstands stains and everyday life.

I have also talked to many of you whose kids are using the dining table for school work. This means we want furnishings that can stand up to life!  



This table we just received is a perfect example of beauty colliding with functionality.  The top is a collection of black petrified wood coated and sealed with resin.  A gorgeous table that can withstand school during the day and a dinner party at night. K. Renee specializes in worry less, use more style-driven furniture.   

This last influence is something that we talk about a lot from week to week.   Comfort.   But we absolutely need more of it. 

From a design perspective, as the outside world becomes less touchable, we need our homes to make us feel better, comfortable, and at ease. It simply does not matter if you have great looking furniture if it is not also comfortable and cozy. It just won't be used.  

You must be able to sit, touch, and feel the furnishing fabrics in your home before you invite them into your life.  


We will also find that we have an increased desire for inviting materials, exciting textures, and objects within our home that invites us to touch them and use them.    

Think cozy chairs, swivels, sofas, and sectionals that fit you and serve your families' needs just right.  Luxurious pillows, throws, and rugs that invite you to use and appreciate.

The bottom line is that your home has the power to bring you joy. And at this moment in time (and for many moments to come), your interior spaces need to accommodate many different needs throughout the day.   

We would love nothing more than to help each of you look at your spaces in a new, inspiring light.    

Have a wonderful week,