A Million Bucks

July 21, 2014
Although I have been a part of K. Renee Home for the last two years, I have been a part of the K. Renee brand for many, many years as a customer.   It was the brand that I fell in love with and drives every decision made at both our home and clothing store.  The brand represents a simple, elegant and updated approach to style with exceptional customer service experience to match.  
I walked through the doors of K. Renee back in 2001 and it transformed my personal style and my life. I was 41 years old with a five-year-old daughter at home. 

I was running a successful business out of my home and I found myself wearing work out clothes most of the day since my business didn't require face-to-face contact with my customers.  My metabolism was shifting along with every part of my body and with it my confidence. I had lost my mojo.  


 Then add to the mix, my husband was an up and coming executive and his career began requiring me to travel, host and entertain his team, sales reps and customers. I needed help!  

I have always loved clothing and style but had just gotten lazy.   When I did buy clothes, I wanted them to be special, forward and represent the person that I strived to be (intelligent, confident and attractive).   I not only wanted to be proud of myself but also wanted to see that look in Frank's eye that I so often had received when we first met. 

K. Renee gave that back to me. 

It was early November of 2001 and I was desperately looking for a Christmas party gown for a formal party. I wanted to find something special.  I think I hit every store that was available in the Des Moines area at the time and found nothing that made me in the least excited. But there was one more store that I had not been in.. 

As I walked into the clothing store, I was overwhelmed with the beauty and the access to clothing brands I did not know existed. I expected to be invisible to the K. Renee team (You think maybe I had watched Pretty Women one too many times?).  
I could not have been more wrong!   Instead they were warm, welcoming and truly interested in my desire to transform myself back into the woman that I was before I had lost my mojo. 

Kelli worked with me that first day and it was an experience that I still think about today.  After spending time getting to know me, she chose for me a beautiful Chetta B skirt and top in a deep red. It hugged my curves in just the right spots and highlighted my best features. I felt like a million bucks.
 My confidence soared and my husband fully appreciated not only my new look but more importantly my new attitude. 

After that day, I have really never shopped for my clothing anywhere else.  It never failed to be the one place I could go to not only get clothing that reflected my personal style but also a place where I learned how to extend my wardrobe with versatile and timeless pieces.  Many, many of my first purchases are still integrated into my wardrobe 13 years later. 

Through the K. Renee brand and its team of caring individuals that always grace the floor, I have firsthand learned and lived the transformational quality that simple, elegant style can bring to our lives.  Like most of us, I'm not the perfect size and struggle with my weight and the effects of aging.  But I have learned the power of being my best self despite life's imperfections. 

It is this transformational quality of the K. Renee brand that is equally shared between our home store and clothing store. And I am proud to now be a member of its team.


We are one K. Renee.  From head to toe and floor to ceiling, we promise you an uncompromising dedication to simple and elegant style. 

And I, along with the rest of the K. Renee team are dedicating ourselves to transforming lives one outfit and room at a time.


Unless of course, I see you before then at one of our stores!