A Journey Begins: Part 3

August 27, 2016

This is not only a story of a home transformation but of new beginnings.   

 As my friends will tell you, I am a big believer in magic. Magic for me is wrapped around the simple things in life that bring great joy. A magical moment could be an unexpected belly laugh, putting together an outfit that makes myself (or someone else) feel special and alive, a great conversation with a friend and certainly a new beginning.

One of the most special moments of magic for not only myself (but the entire K. Renee team) is creating beautiful spaces for and with our clients. Our client led this process by selecting the major pieces of furniture that she really loved and wanted present in her new home. And it was our job to work with those items and add the finishing touches that pulled it all together in a unique and special way.

One of my favorite cozy spaces in the home, is the eat-in area in the kitchen. Our client wanted to feature a family heirloom chest that is filled with rich memories and it found its home on the back wall.

With a great deal of wood already in the home, we decided that a glass table would be a great way to not add more weight to the room. The upholstered animal print dining chairs add a subtle pattern to the room. To help give the illusion of a bigger space, we found a beautiful mirror to place of above the chest. I love seeing the reflection of this whimsical light fixture. Magic!

This room also shows how well a little bit of old and new mixed together really works.   A cozy spot for a cup of coffee to greet a new day.

The dining room features a custom dining table (with a chrome base) and wall mirror made with the environmentally-friendly and beautiful Kirei Board.  This strong, lightweight, and durable finish uses sorghum stalks as its raw material creating a unique but modern finish that also helps reduce pressure on forests and landfills.   

Our client chose a lovely crushed velvet sofa and two cream swivel chairs for her living room which suited this space perfectly.   We added pillows, accessories and a few tables to complete this room.   Because our client hasn't officially moved in, we left space in her bookshelves for her to bring special items from her current resident.    We will be there right along side of her to help her arrange the finishing touches.

Behind the soft resides a custom sideboard that was uniquely designed for our store with its antique white finish and intricate gold hardware.  We love mixing metals and used silver, gold, bronze and champagne finishes throughout the home.   As you can see, we haven't hung the picture quite yet as our client wanted the option of seeing artwork in the space before making a final decision.   

Another view of how interesting and beautiful different finishes combined together are in a home.    Things don't need to match, they just need to co-ordinate.   

The sunroom in this townhouse has a beautiful view of the woods, a creek and all the animals that reside there.    Our client will love spending time in this soulful room either reading, relaxing or entertaining her friends.   Two of the chairs she selected have a wonderful grey and gold patterned fabric which echoes the materials that we used throughout the home.

The cream leather chairs are swivels allowing who ever is sitting there to turn to the window for a better view or back to the conversation at hand.  All the texture in this room makes it a welcoming and wonderful space.

Our client's home office is one that I really love.   It's such a glamorous but functional space.   Again, you can see that we have brought a piece of artwork for our client to consider.    She has a few pieces from her own home that we will be playing with once she makes the final move and when the time comes we will hang a 'just right' piece to finish the office space.

In the basement, our client chose a sectional and animal print ottoman where her grandchildren will surely enjoy snuggling up and watching movies.  Behind it we placed a table and leather chairs that can be used for playing cards with friends or serving casual meals.     Our plan is to help our client bring some of the special artwork from her current home to hang on the walls.

Even with a much-needed fresh start, we all have items in our home that bring back good memories and a sense of joy.   We always encourage our clients to make a mental note of those things and hold them dear.    There is a big difference between those things that you have in your possession and those things that you love.   

When you stand on the crossroad between the past and present, it can be so difficult to take those crucial steps forward.   Our only hope is that somehow (just a little bit) we may have eased the difficulty for our client and helped create a new home that wraps her in beauty, hope and love.     

Thank you for letting me share these pictures and your story.  You inspire us all.