A Journey Begins: Part 2

August 21, 2016

Let there be light! Our transformation story continues by changing out many of the existing light fixtures in our clients new townhome. Although this eight year old property is in magnificent shape, the existing lighting just did not resonate with our client and the vision that she had for her home and her new life ahead.

The fixtures in the home while perfectly functional were builder grade basics. So we went from old to new...

In your own home, upgrading your lighting is one of the easiest ways to move from a cookie cutter feel to a custom look that enhances your overall vision for your home.

It’s no secret that I love the beauty that a well chosen, effortless and elegant chandelier can give a room. In my humble opinion, it is one of the most important touches. I see it much like the jewelry that completes a special outfit. Now, you wouldn’t be satisfied with throwing on someone else’s jewelry (that you didn’t much care for) when you pick out a fabulous new outfit, would you? The same should be true for the lighting that happens to be in your home.

This foyer, for example, was fitted with a small and very basic fixture. And certainly not one that sets the stage for the rest of the home. Instead we chose a cut glass fixture that followed the lines of the front door. Really, this picture doesn’t do it justice.

When choosing the light fixtures for the rest of the home, we not only set out to compliment the furnishings that we selected for each room but also kept in mind the personality and needs of our client.

She is a simple and elegant lady. And her home is being designed to be a place of solace, hope and light. The light fixtures we chose are ones that will create a beautiful shimmer of light without being too fussy.

The magnificence of a crystal chandelier is perhaps unmatched by any other medium and often has the effect of taking your breath away. That is literally what this new dining room fixture does.

The old fixture was heavy while the new one is light, bright and a bit whimsical. The finish on most of our fixtures is what they call “champagne” and it tends to blend silver, gold, and bronze all in one depending on what surrounds it. With the new fixture in place, we can begin to see the room take shape as we imagine all the beautiful furnishings that will be installed this coming week.

There is really no room in the home that couldn’t benefit from a great light fixture. We replaced several ceiling fans throughout the home with chandeliers that will not only make the individual spaces look better but serve as a way to define them. Our living room and sunroom goes from dark to light...

A fixture in each room defines a different seating area, each with its own purpose and personality.

Different layers and levels of lighting not only create additional lighting but also adds visual interest. The illumination will soften hard shadows within a home and make the room appear magical.

We really wanted something special for our clients master suite. And a fan just didn’t do the trick. We picked a chandelier adorned with large, billowy crystals along the column. It is the essence of simple, elegant glamour.

We have great plans for this room that will shortly come alive!

I can’t tell you how excited our team is for the last step in our transformation process...installing the furnishings, mirrors, art and accessories. We will begin early one morning this week with our tireless team that will pack, load, unload, place, and lovingly finesse each and every room until we call our client to come take a look at her new home transformed into her own place of light.

How about you?   Are you in need of a little 'Light of Style?'