A Journey Begins: Part 1

August 14, 2016

Well, I hope you have enjoyed meeting and learning a bit about our two new K. Renee team members.   We are really excited to have them become a part of our inspiration team!    

It has also been nice to have some guest writers especially since I was away last week visiting one of my absolutely favorite vacations spots, Hilton Head, South Carolina.    

There is no better place for a family vacation that Hilton Head.     

But today's blog is not about my journey.    It's about the beginning of a journey of a dear customer of ours and a former neighbor of mine.    I am sure that you have noticed that we use the term 'transformation' a LOT.    The funny (or not-so-funny) thing about this thing called 'transformation' is that you can either choose it or it gets forced upon you through life's unexpected turn of events.    However it happens, it represents an important journey of renewal in our lives.

Our client is beginning her journey of renewal after losing her beloved second husband a little over two years ago.   She had lost her first husband tragically to cancer and through the magic of fate she was granted a second chance at love with one of the kindest men that I have had the pleasure of knowing.   Our client and her new husband embarked on an epic love story.    They built the home of their dreams, traveled the world, shared their faithfulness with those around them and enjoyed all the day-to-day activities of life together as one.    

But before they married, our client found out that her husband to be was diagnosed with a progressive cancer that would take his life over the next all too short years ahead of them.   

The courage, faith and love that these two beautiful people shared was something that was uniquely special and inspirational.  They lived each day of the next seven years of their life together as if each day was a gift.  I never heard either of them complain about their circumstance but rejoiced in the gift of having each other and their magical life together.   

A few months ago, we reconnected with our client and she shared with Kelli and I that she was ready to move from the home that she had shared with her late husband.    Again, by the magic of fate, a townhouse presented itself that seemed just right.   After taking the time to digest the notion of moving forward...she decided to make this new property her new home.  

So, I can not tell you how honored that Kelli, Jeff, myself and the rest of our team are to be entrusted with the responsibility of making her townhouse a home and a place of hope and light.    She has so kindly agreed to share with you some of the before and after pictures.    

Today, I want to show how the townhouse once empty will become filled with prospect and possibilities.     

As we walked through the townhouse, our team decided that it needed a fresh coat of paint and one that would give it the light, fresh hopeful feel that we would be creating.    This townhouse has beautiful bones and lovely rich woodwork throughout.    We needed to select a color that would work well with the wood floors and trim along with the existing ivory wood cabinets but not appear too yellow.   For this reason, Kelli chose Sherwin-Williams Shoji White.

This neutral white paint color is a soft, creamy white that a feels warm with its beige undertones.   It will be perfect for keeping her home light and cozy.    Our client also decided to replace the existing carpet on the first floor with a fresh, lush (and I mean lush), comfortable carpet.    

With the painting and carpet installation in the works, the next part of our journey was to measure all the rooms and create some 2D and 3D renderings of potential furniture arrangements for each room in the home.   This is a service that we always offer to our clients and its a wonderful way to see all the possibilities.  

As Kelli and I discussed each room with our client and how she wanted to feel and also use each room, we began to select the major furniture pieces that really resonated with her taste and the new life she envisioned for herself in this home.   

As you can imagine, this is not an easy process.   Leaving a home that represented a beautiful time and days gone by is not for the weak of heart.     It takes a strong, courageous person to know that taking these important but difficult steps forward will create a new pathway for a wonderful life ahead.   

This week, we will be replacing the old light fixtures in the home with ones that will sparkle, shine and resonate with the new life that she is building for herself.   So, stay tuned for A Journey Begins: Part 2.