A Holiday Wish

December 21, 2020

As we head into the week of Christmas, all across the globe, it marks a time when many families reunite with a trip home to be with their loved ones.

This year, traditions will be replaced by zooms, phone calls, and much smaller gatherings for many.   

It will not be an easy holiday for many, including myself. But as those closest to me know, I have an “it is what it is” attitude and will choose to find the light even in what might seem dark.

Perhaps, as we embrace this holiday week and the arrival of 2021, what is needed most is to be a candle of hope. Lighting candles at the Lutheran Church of Hope service on Christmas Eve has been one of my favorite traditions.  


I love seeing a small flickering light in the darkness grow into a bright flame as it is shared with neighbors, families, and friends.    
This light represents faith, hope, love, and peace.  These feelings are especially important this year even though we won't be able to gather in mass. 


In this season of light, we can still celebrate with our own “candles of hope” lit within our own homes or wherever we may be.  We can still share the light of kindness and love with friends and families and watch it grow.  

From the entire team at K. Renee, we wish all of you light, love, and peace throughout this holiday season and for the good things yet to come in 2021!