A Good Gasp Moment

February 3, 2020

 I love a good gasp moment.  

What is a good gasp moment?  For me, it’s an intense experience of joy and for a moment, I lose control of my ability to refrain from making an audible noise...and I gasp.  



Hey, it’s an uncontrollable neurological reaction to seeing something aesthetically delightful.  So what did it for me?   This Norma Kamali dress...



What a statement!  This dress has a circular cut out at the waistline, giving it a dramatic sculptural shape...the sleeves are the center of attention!

Beautifully bold and reasonably priced ($155) for those of us who love to fashionably shake things up.  







Being beautifully surprised and inspired is one of my favorite things. What I love most about wandering our showrooms is that the most interesting things tend to appear magically.   It is a sensory experience.     (And in my case an audible one.   LOL.)  

As I was thinking about this notion, I started recalling the other things that evoked the same emotion.   


 Faux Crocodile Rocks!



It was the texture of this sideboard that got me here.  I had to stop to touch and then stand back to take in the effect.  The crocodile pattern runs all the way across the doors in a gorgeous cream.  This is what I like to call a functional WOW.






A Very Glamourous Bench



The stainless steel tubing of varying heights is what captured my heart.    Modern, yet has an old glamour vibe to it as well.


I can imagine Hedy Lamarr sitting on this while putting on her makeup.  And just as easily,  I can see this standing alone in a living room for additional seating or at the foot of the bed.   You can see, my imagination is running away with me.   But isn't that was it is all about?





 The Feminine Fashionista



Oh, goodness gracious.   If you ever need a whimsical dress to make an impact, this is the one for you. The top layer is a delicate sheer tulle in an A-line silhouette with balloon sleeves and a knotted front. The cool thing is that the inner slip has an elasticated bodice and long skirt.



 I would so wear this for a black-tie event with a dressy shoe as well as pack it for my next tropical vacation, wearing it more casually with sandals!

Gorgeous, unusual, flattering, versatile.   Uh, yes, please!









A Magnificent Stone



I have a fascination with natural stones, and they always stop me in my tracks.    This one is a heavy quartz cluster!   Not only are stones like this beautiful, but they are known for the metaphysical properties of amplifying energy and good intentions.   This stone is said to protect us from negativity and helps relieve pain.   




A Dash of Panache




I fell hard for this new light fixture in our showroom.   Its strings of crystal beads reminded me of pearl necklaces cascading down like a waterfall.  It just has a streamlined simplicity, and a timeless elegance that I believe will never feel dated or blah.    A light fixture like this will give a room an immediate facelift!  




 Swoon-Worthy Fabrics, Part 1





I love a good bench, but it was the fabric that grabbed my attention here.  The textural faux snake print with a pop of color is an absolute show stopper.   What a fabulous way to create interest in a room with wonderful functionality as well.    Clients are always looking for something to inspire a pop of color in their homes and I think this piece is on the top of my list!   We have two of these in stock, which would make a beautiful end of the bed story or a lovely way to create extra seating in a dining or great room.    Wow, just wow.


Swoon-Worthy Fabrics, Part 2






Elevated fabrics on classic items get me every time.   And yes, animal prints are everywhere in home and fashion.   What I love about this leather snake print is the neutral tones and subtle pattern.  The leather moto jacket is a wardrobe staple, and this one is undoubtedly the one to set you apart from the crowd in the absolute best way.    






Swoon-Worthy Fabrics, Part 3 




 K. Renee has always, and will always, curate the most gorgeous pillows for your home.   And while I love them all, there are the ones that make me stop, touch, and admire.    This was one that did just that for me.   Its warm tones, the graphic beading, and sequins made it stand out as special.   


Our showroom is an aesthetic wonderment.    I can be out for a few days, and the next time I walk through I see something new or displayed in a different way that catches my attention.    The experience alone of walking through is fun and inspiring, which is something that can never be fully achieved by seeing a picture or photograph.    

Whether or not you have a need in your home or your closet, it is just good for your soul to gasp in joyful admiration of something beautiful (to you) every once in a while.      It is a sensory experience. 

Stop by and see us (often.)   "We promise you'll be inspired."  

And speaking of sensory experiences... Grab a girlfriend and join us on Thursday, February 13 for an evening devoted to love, friendship, and ESSENTIAL OILS!   Ashley Fletchall of doTerra Essential Oils will be on hand to help you learn why essential oils can benefit your health, home, and happiness.   She will also be there to help you blend your own unique Goddess Blend to take home.   It might just add some love zest to your life!

We will also be serving a fabulous Galentine cocktail to enjoy.  If you (and your gal pals) plan on coming, send us an email at info@krenee.com

Hope to see you soon!