A Few of Our Favorite Things...

December 9, 2019

This holiday season we wanted to showcase a few of our favorite things, not on models, but on some our own inspiring team of clothing and home stylists.   Each of these ladies are so talented and want nothing more than to create inspiration for everyone they have the opportunity to work with.   So we decided to let them show us what’s inspiring them in either our home or clothing boutique and how they dream about making this holiday season magical.  


Pictured: Julie Brown, Stacie Schulz, Paula Reicks, Lisa Wood, Dana Luke, Kasey Schulz (Stylists not pictured today but certainly just as talented: Lana Jones-Gould, Frank Vaia, Gina Ross and Susy Damon)

Photos by Kiana Grant Photography


Lisa Wood 

Lisa is one of our talented home stylists with a definite flair for fashion!  She always radiates warmth and creativity.


Lisa chose to style a crushed velvet blouse in a bold red hue.   Nothing says holiday better, right?    I love how she paired this blouse back to a ivory skirt and a wardrobe staple black blazer.      On the home side of things, Lisa loves the magic of mirrors.    This over-sized beauty that she stands before can make any room feel bolder, bigger and brighter!  A must have in any home.





Julie Brown

Julie is one of our clothing stylists who loves a classically dramatic style.    You will not meet someone more interested in making you look and feel beautiful. 



Julie is inspired this holiday by big statement jewelry like this beaded and fresh water pearl necklace.     She also loves the drama of this sheer black dress that is easily paired over so many options underneath.    This light as a feather piece just makes you want to twirl and float confidently into any room!   Now, that is magic.




Kasey Schulz

Kasey is one of our behind the scenes stylists who is responsible for all the amazing images and inspiration that we provide daily on Facebook and Instagram.   She may be quiet but her grace and style thunders so loud.



 Kasey found her inspiration with a crepe belted coat that drapes beautifully over a casual outfit or layered over a dress.    The magic is in the versatility of this feminine coat is that it will be in someones wardrobe for years and years to come.   

She also loved the playfulness and curves of the gold brushed metal bowl and thought it would make a fabulous gift.    She envisioned it filled with gorgeous ornaments during the holiday season and something more subdued for the rest of the year.     





Paula Reicks

 Paula is our lead clothing stylist who is warm, confident and a person with a positive attitude that is absolutely infectious.   And that smile!  Who doesn't need a daily dose of that? 


  Paula loves this tie-front asymmetric skirt cut from a crinkle fabric.   It has such a figure flattering drape which as you know is magic in itself.   She is also completely drawn to the gilded gold sideboard with its circular detail.   It just emits a positive and bold glow (just like Paula herself.)        





Stacie Schulz

Beautiful, intense, kind, spiritual, talented, motivated.   Just a few words to describe our lead home stylist.    

Stacie wanted to illustrate the magic of layering.     She chose what might just appear to be a fairly conservative bow tie blouse.  Instead of tying the fluid collar into a bow, she chose to let it drape and opened up the buttons to reveal a black lace camisole underneath.    She also added another dimension of pattern with a wide snake print belt, creating a powerful, modern, yet feminine look.    Seeing new and interesting options is truly the magic that working with a talented stylist offers! 







Dana Luke

Can I tell you home much I love this photo of Dana?    She brings not only her impressive talent for home design but a special sense of infectious joy.    


Dana was inspired by a metallic blouse that will give her the ease of day to night holiday dressing.   She is hosting a dinner for the holidays and knows that a lightweight blouse will serve her well in the heat of the kitchen...looking festive but not overheated.    Magic!     For gifting, Dana loves the ease of a gorgeous tray.    Who doesn't want one, two or three of these in their home for accessorizing and entertaining?   This is a gift that can't go wrong.       



Zeno and Pippa

Okay, these two aren't on our style team but they have a definite flair for fashion and style.   Check out the bow tie and necklace!

Zeno and Pippa are inspired by our mini-hides.  They know if these are thrown down for them on a chair or sofa, they are good to go snuggling with all the big people in the room.    Seriously though, these mini-hides are fun to throw on a cocktail table, a dining table...anywhere that needs just a little something, something.     Of course, their greatest inspiration for holiday magic is treats!



So, what inspires me? 






Everything here inspires me and motivates me to be my best self , to give inspiring gifts and to live life beautifully.   Our team is obsessed with finding and sharing all the things that we love with each of you.     I hope to see all of your during this holiday season and beyond.

 Blessings to you and yours,