A Fairytale Life

July 30, 2018


Unfortunately, I have already disqualified myself from a Fairytale life.  Darn it.  But I have come to terms with the fact that a fairytale life is just that... a fairytale.  The one thing that life promises us for sure is a series of up and down milestones.

So what do we do?   Just give up on an extraordinary life?    I think not.  

Instead of mourning and longing for a different life, I am a firm believer in doing all that we can to look for and create our own fairytale moments.

Just what is a fairytale moment?  It is one of those times when everything seems to be just right in the world.   These moments can last for a second, hours, days and even years.   

It could be an unexpected heartfelt conversation with a new or old friend, a party where you had the best of times, the moment you realize your children have become adults and you actually really like them…(and better yet) they like you back.   



The list of these magical moments can go on and on.   And it is not to say that they just randomly happen. It takes work.  We can’t just cross our arms and wait for them to arrive, we have to get out there and make it happen.

While we can do many things to create these fairytale moments for ourselves, the ones I am most proud of are the ones our staff helps make for our customers at K. Renee.

We have a creative team on board that loves creating magical experiences.    

From our School of Style workshops, girls night out parties, celebrity guests and everything in between.   

We are open until eight on Thursday nights, and at least once a month, we try to create magical moments to share with all of you.   

Last week, Lisa and Emily decided to offer a little zen to a few of our clients and held a 45 minute Yoga class.   Of course, it’s not enough to clear a small space and throw down some mats.    A little yoga decor was in order along with some healthy snacks.  





They even arranged for a capsule of activewear to be available for our yoga-loving participants!

We have a social media team that creates these beautiful images which represent our brand so well.    I literally gasped when I saw this picture showcasing some of the new clothing pieces that arrived in the store.  

via Instagram

Oh, my.   That is a magical outfit moment if I have ever seen one!

Some of the greatest fairytale moments we provide are home transformations.   There is nothing more satisfying to us than helping our customers pick out furnishings that inspire.  


Picking those pieces is just part of our process, the magic really happens when we personally take, arrange and style the room.   This week, I can not wait to take this fairytale bed to one of our clients' homes.   It is pure magic and one of my all-time favorite beds! 

Perhaps the best part (for our client) is that we take all of the hassle out of the experience.    This four poster bed will take the better part of 2 hours for us to put together for the very first time.  Once our team (no hired guns) get that done, the bed will be finished with beautiful new bedding and pillows and surrounded with night stands; artwork and a few other miscellaneous things will leave our client feeling like she is walking into her own personal fairytale.    I know I would.  Sigh.   

So, how do we achieve more of our own fairytale moments?  Two actions can help guide us.

First, identify (and re-identify) the things that you really value in yourself and your current-day life.    Life changes along with the things you value, so it's always a good idea to assess yourself now and again.  

Let me give you an example.   When I updated my home a few years back, Kelli really helped me hone in on the fact that I love gathering with family and friends. It’s one of the things that I value most in life.  So when it came down to some architectural decisions and how I furnished my home, gather was always at the center of our choices.

Little did I know that one piece of furniture (that Kelli suggested) could have such a significant impact on my life and continues to be a part of creating fairytale moments over and over again.

I would imagine that long after I am gone, my kids and nephews will still talk about this wondrous table and how many good times we had gathered around it.  Dinners, parties, cards, meetings, art projects and dare I say beer pong have all graced this table over the last three years.   

This rustic table will stay with me no matter where I live and its history of fairytale moments will be rich!

The second action that can lead to more moments of joy is to Do It Now.

Today is always the perfect time to focus on beginning whatever is essential to making your life joyful.   If you want to drop a few pounds or exercise more, take a walk tonight.  If you want to make some changes to your look, go get your haircut or try on some new outfits to learn more about your personal style.   If you want a new look for your home, book a consultation with someone that can help you hone in on the possibilities.

When I find myself having a “poor me” moment (and I have them now and again), I force myself to remember that until I take action (do it now), it will be near impossible to find my way to the next fairytale moment life has in store for me.  There is always something we can do, to move closer to a life full of fairytale moments.   Always.

So, what are you going to do this week to make your world a little more beautiful?