A Dramatic Transformation of Hope

March 6, 2017

Last December, we shared our blog "Where Our 2016 Home Transformation Story Begins..." and today I get the honor of sharing with you how it ended.  


On September 6, 2016 a fire took the life of Mike Nelson, a gentle, loving husband and father in Polk City, Iowa.  His wife, Michelle and their girls have not only been dealing with this unimaginable loss but also being displaced from their family home while it was restored.   


Each year during the holiday season, we ask for nominations for a deserving family that might benefit from a home transformation as a gift from K. Renee.  



A gift that represents to us an opportunity to give back to a community that has shown such support of our business.    Lisa Bunker's nomination of this family touched our hearts (which you can read by clicking on the link above) and we wanted to do something that brought them peace, light and hope as they moved back into their restored home.


We got word that Michelle and the girls would be moving back to their home on March 1, 2017.    On Sunday, February 26...our team went to work. Every one of our employees was involved in this transformation in one way or the other.   A few couldn't make it on Sunday but were certainly there in spirit.   I think it's easier to show you than tell you about our day.    But I will say, there was magic in the air...







Our team left the home that day feeling so full of joy and all of us hoped that Michelle and her girls would love their new spaces.   We didn't feel that it was appropriate to be present when the family came to see their home for the first time.   It was meant to be a private experience and we could only pray that it brought them a small amount of peace and hope.





Instead, we gave a quick tour to Lisa Bunkers (who nominated the family.)   Lisa then planned to bring Michelle and the girls over the next day to privately reveal their new space.   But later that day we received this text...








I don't have anything to say that could make the conclusion of this story any better than the text above.   But I do have a another team that I need to thank.   When Kelli and I first went to the home back in December, Lisa had mentioned that the staircase was something that reminded the family of the past.  They had considered removing and replacing it with new balusters but decided against it because of the cost.





As soon as we got back to the store, we picked up the phone and called our friends at CR Painting.    I explained the circumstance and asked if they would consider painting the staircase a calming shade of white for this family as part of our gift.    They didn't skip a beat and agreed to be a part of this very special project.






We knew that once this stair case was white it would blend with the rest of the room rather than stand out as it once did for this family.    Thank you CR Painting for being a partner with us on this project.   You are always a team that can be counted on for the quality work that you do!


Michelle and Lisa



And thank you, Lisa Bunkers, for your nomination.   You are an amazing woman and friend.    Lisa and Michelle are business partners at Extraordinary Floral & Events in Polk City, known locally for their fresh flowers, plants, custom silk arrangements, and extraordinary wedding/event decor and planning services.   



Michelle and her beautiful girls




And to Michelle and the girls... you will always be in the hearts of the K. Renee Team and we hope that you find peace and comfort in your new spaces.   




And for the rest of you reading this blog...