A Before & After Story

October 4, 2015

We love a good transformation story and are lucky enough to be able to do them quite frequently at both our home and clothing store.   And as a matter of fact, we are declaring October as the month of transformation!   

It's really the perfect time to think about making dramatic changes in our lives.    As we head into October, the leaves are beginning to turn (and fall), the days are shorter and the temperature is becoming cooler every day.    It's time to put away sandals and shorts and bring out sweaters, boots and before too long coats!    Our homes will now need to become a warm, soft place to escape the cold and windy days that will be quickly upon us!  

I have my own list of things that I would like to change but have done next to nothing about.     My K. Renee team has heard me frequently complaining about some extra pounds that I've gained and I continue to declare that I have to start exercising once again.    But have I made a move?    No.   Someone once said to me...


And how true is that?    We can't move forward without making some changes!        So, as we begin a new month full of natural changes...our team is going to spend the month showing you how we might be able to help you with your own transformation story.    

Our first is 'A Before & After Story' of Wendi Williams.   

Wendi wanted a new look and some easy outfits that would make her feel like her best and beautiful self.      She enlisted the help of DJ Fees, one of our K. Renee clothing stylists, to give her some guidance and create a new updated look from head to toe.

DJ sat down with Wendi where they talked about the kinds of looks she loved and what she might consider with her hair and makeup.     We sent Wendi off to the salon (Aveda Serenity Couture)  to get her hair and makeup done...

While DJ stayed at the store to create some great outfits that he thought would work well with her figure and that she would love!

And you won't believe the result!      And we thought you would prefer to see it yourself in the video below...


Wendi's transformation inspires me to get my own list of things I need to get done in order.       Since I would be totally ashamed to admit I had still not made a commitment to exercising (during my own proclaimed month of transformation) to those of you reading this blog... I better get at it!    Sometimes it takes a village to get where you want to go.    I hope that you consider the K. Renee team as your village whether you want to create a new look for yourself or for your home.   It's what we love to do!