"A Beautiful Resort in Our Own Home"

April 16, 2017

I wish I could say that I have my blog topics all neatly laid out from week to week, but unfortunately that is not how my brain works.   I have to be inspired by something to actually sit down and write about it.  Usually by Friday I settle on some kind of idea but I found myself on late Saturday afternoon still mulling about what my story would be this week.

And then a lovely women walked into the home store and I asked if I could help her.    She told me that she had worked with Stacie and Kelli just recently and wanted to visit with them about another room she wanted to be done.

About an hour later, Kelli, Stacie, our customer and her husband were wrapping up and she turned to me and said  "You were the one that I first sent an email to about helping us and my husband didn't think that you would take the time to respond."

What?   Of course, I would respond.   And with that, this weeks blog idea was born.

Our customers had just moved into a new home and were looking for someone to help with finishing touches. They discovered K. Renee on Houzz and sent off an inquiry by email asking for help...

Her next email (received within minutes of the first) almost sounded like she was trying to persuade us to not respond (which we would never have done.)

I had to chuckle then and now.   We could care less what a home costs, big or small, old or new...each and every home deserves to be beautifully styled.

Our client sent off pictures and I immediately set a time for her to come and talk with one of our lead stylists, Stacie Schulz, about what they wanted for their new home.

That Saturday before the scheduled Monday appointment, our client (Lori) wandered in the store to look around and get a feel for both our products and our people.   Two things happened on that day...maybe three.   First, Stacie and Lori just seemed to hit it off.  Second, I think she loved everything she saw in the store and third, Lori discovered (and liked) that our stylists don't work on commission - we simply work as a team to help each and every client realize their home dreams.

The following Monday, Stacie and Kelli got to work.   Lori describes best what happened next in a review that she recently left for us on Houzz.

Our clients had moved into their new home with furniture they already owned.    Most of the time, we purchase new homes to achieve a new feel.   It can be hard to do this using only the furniture that you have previously owned.

Our clients felt that their great room was dark and not as inspiring as it could or should be...and they didn't know what to do.   It just felt unfinished...

They also wanted some help to make their master bedroom feel like a retreat.

After a Monday visit to our clients home in Ankeny, our team got to work pulling together all of the possibilities and to prepare for our next meeting late Wednesday afternoon.

Stacie and Kelli presented a few different floor plans and options.   It was ultimately decided to move some of the existing furniture to the basement (but keeping the recliner) and adding some new pieces so our clients could achieve a fresh but casually elegant look.  The next day our fantabulous styling and installation team made it happen...

With a new layout, some classic patterns, a tufted ottoman, and lots of layers...all of the sudden this new home finally felt both fresh and inspiring to our clients.

Lovely!    And we also added a few simple accessories to the existing dining table to give it a finished look.

Our clients existing master bedroom furniture fit nicely into the room and simply needed a few layers and accessories to complete the look.  We added some more substantial lamps and framed them with two mirrors above each of their night stands.

With a few more pillows and accessories, the master bedroom became the soothing retreat that they had imagined all along.

What inspired me the most about writing this weeks' blog was when our customer said to us "We feel like we are on vacation at a beautiful resort in our own home."   Isn't that what it is all about?    Each one of us deserve to have a home that we are excited and inspired to be in.   You don't have to live in a "million dollar" home to experience living life beautifully.

The statement above is a bold statement, I know.   But we truly can design a dream room one week and transform it the next.   We meet each of our clients where they are and how they want to move forward...one thing, one room, or one home at a time.