A Beautiful Life Designed By You

March 12, 2017

Last weeks' blog turned out to be both popular and powerful. Thank you for all the lovely comments and shares on our Facebook page.   It is much appreciated.  Not only did we have more (a lot more) people engaged with our blog and the video, but I also believe that the story really captures the essence of K. Renee's philosophy of “Living Life Beautifully."

This very human story of transformation shows just how important it is to have a home that lifts us up and surrounds us with comfort and beauty.


Our family's newly transformed space will certainly not take away the sadness that they must learn to live with but it can, even just for a moment, provide them with a safe place to take a deep breath, let their shoulders down and perhaps enjoy a simple moment of serenity and peace. 


You see, “Living Life Beautifully” isn’t about a perfect, glamorous life or lifestyle...it is anything but.

It is about doing the things that help make you feel excited to be alive, to be inspired or to inspire others. And the truth is that a beautiful environment can contribute to a more beautiful life.

It is taking action to:


So, this thing we call “Living Life Beautifully" (LLB for short) is completely designed by you. And it starts with understanding the things that you CAN control in your life that bring you a sense of joy, hope, fulfillment and comfort.

Of course, we think about this a lot at K. Renee and here are some of our LLB Design Strategies...

LLB Design Strategy: Giveaway love to feel more love

Love is one of the most important things that make our lives worth living. And we won’t receive much of it if we are not willing to give it away. LLB means giving out love to those that cross your path through kindness, understanding, tolerance, acceptance and generosity. 

And helping those in need is such an integral part of Living Life Beautifully.

LLB Design Strategy: Just what does a “beautiful life” mean to you?

Take a moment to write a list of what makes you joyful, inspired and alive? What specifically does living life beautifully mean to you?


Although my list may look much different from yours...we all have core things in common. Once you define what LLB means to you, ask yourself… what is missing? Is it purpose, inspiration or something else? And what is preventing you from taking action? Is it fear? Don’t think you deserve it?

But here is the bottom line...you DO deserve to have a beautiful life and once you accept this one small (but HUGE) truth, you will be inspired to focus on the important things on your list.

LLB Design Strategy: Start walking toward your version of a beautiful life

There are no guarantees of an infinite amount of time to create the life that you want...which means there is no good reason to wait.  The time is now to begin making the changes you need to create your version of a beautiful life.    And yes, starting to pursue the things that are important to you (and eliminating those things that are not) might feel uncomfortable at first.  But I promise, the joy that comes from more purposefully moving toward your hopes and dreams will be well worth it!



One of the things on my LLB list that has been missing is traveling outside the country.  I find this experience exhilarating;  the history, the architecture...and it makes me realize how big the world is and how much living I have to do. It makes me feel alive.



Well, I haven’t been out of the country in years. (Okay, Mexico a few times but I don’t really consider that international travel.)   I have heard myself talking about it one too many times without taking action. And I've also found myself throwing out obstacles...too much time away from work; too expensive; too this; too that.

Wow. I was a pain in my own behind. With planning, I could make it work if I only would take a step forward. So I did. After all, we need to practice what we preach, right?

I have enlisted the services of Kathleen Stahl Travel (highly recommended to me by a client of ours) who is planning a magical trip to Italy for myself and my daughter this coming May! 




Not only do I get to feel the joy of planning a trip, but the experience of living it as well.   And then of course, I will have all the wonderful memories that will come from it. My kind of Living Life Beautifully.

My (former) self-imposed travel ban is no different than living in a home that you "plan" to update someday. Or saying to yourself, I'll start investing in my wardrobe (which is investing in yourself) when I lose 15 pounds. 



No matter who you are, our stylists can help you put together looks that suit you best.


I say, stop.  Take action. And begin living the life you've designed.


Just last week, we did a home transformation for a family that had been wanting to update their home.  But they just didn't know where to start or what to do.    And that is where we came in...consider us your personal LLB team.




LLB design strategy: Make it a state-of-mind

Living Life Beautifully doesn’t mean every day will be a good one. There are ups, downs, starts and stops along the way. Life is full of surprises, some positive and others not so much.

And you may find yourself walking down a different path from what you envisioned for your life, either by choice or circumstance. But regardless, the essence from your personal LLB list remains true and still possible to achieve...perhaps just differently than you once imagined.   LLB is a personal choice and a way of life.





And sometimes Living Life Beautifully can be as simple as a new puppy to love and be loved by!