8 Simple Ways to Hit Refresh and Give Your Home New Energy

March 26, 2017

As mother nature begins to refresh itself with leaves, lush green and flowers galore...it always reminds me that the same should be true for each of us whether that be in our wardrobe or our home.    

Refresh essentially means to give new energy or to reinvigorate something.   And there are so many beautiful but simple touches you can make in your home.

I love how our showroom floor is in a constant state of change and when I walk through beautiful new options just magically appear and present themselves.   Here are eight of our favorite ways to give your rooms new energy with some of our beautiful new editions.

A unique cocktail table might just be the perfect compliment to your sofas and chairs, as well as to your pillows and throws.   If your current cocktail table lacks an element of style, a few of these options might be just the thing to give your living room a lift.

This silver, gold and black not quite round cocktail table is one of my favorites.  It works beautifully in both a traditional and modern setting and definitely demonstrates how lovely it is to mix your finishes throughout your entire home.    Ahh, the detail of the table top...

 Need a large cocktail table to anchor your great room?    This solid wood table make a classy statement of sturdiness and the perfect table for game night!

The wood that is stained and painted black and white is stunning. 

Before we opened K. Renee Home, I found it impossible to find anything but run of the mill rugs that were available for me to look at, touch, and feel.   Which is why we have racks of incredible transitional selections for your home.   

Area rugs are one of the easiest ways to make a fresh statement in almost any room as well as give it a comfortable and welcoming feeling.    

The first rug that caught my attention was a dramatic charcoal and creme beauty.  This casual hand knotted rug has been over-dyed to create a vintage look and give surface interest.  And it is uber soft!    

One of my other favorites is this pewter, creme and beige viscose, cotton and linen rug.   It will bring light into any space with its alluring and abstract pattern.    It easily answers the question of whether you can introduce a soothing grey into a home that is full of warm woods and textures.  

It's really difficult to do a thorough job of updating a home without updating the lighting fixtures as well.  Still have some dated kitchen island pendants hovering overhead?   Why not consider updating them to something special?

These acrylic and metal pendents are modern yet still warm, balanced and calm.   Its shape is simple and playful throwing light and shadows about a room.

Another favorite is this chandelier that takes an old world shape but modernizes it.   What a great way to update a traditional home.

Any home can benefit from a well place mirror.   They have this magical effect of bringing additional light into a room and visually expanding it as well.   Perhaps its time to take down a piece of artwork that you fell out of love with a long time ago and replace it with a decorative mirror!

I am loving the unique nailhead feature along with a metal finish that blends with all of your silvers and golds.

It is so easy to make your home feel alive and ready for spring by adding beautiful pops of green and bundles of fresh flowers.   Personally, I can't wait to see this color abundantly displayed outside in just a few short weeks! There is just something relaxing and optimistic about it.  

Do your walls need some love and attention?    Art plays an important role in the whole look and feel of a well decorated room.   And you should pick pieces that not only pull your room together but also resonate with you in a positive way.     

I have a few really nice pieces of jewelry that I will always keep and wear.   But for the most part, I like to re-invigorate my world with a new necklace, bracelet or earrings...not just once a year, but several times a year.

Why should your home accessories be that much different?   Okay, I am not saying throw out your accessories every season, but I do think you need to move them around, regroup, and add some new beautiful ones every now and again.    

Add a book and a star...

Or some lovely decanters that can be used for entertaining as well.     Some new accessories can give you an instant update!

And the last and probably most important simple trick to refreshing your home is to add something simply because you love it!   Every time I walk past these polka dot chairs, a smile crosses my face.   I think they are fun!  And I am always looking for more of that.    

A polka dot chair is definitely a statement.   And while you might start out with them in a living room (like the one below), a few years down the road they could be the inspiration for refreshing a happy and inviting guest room.   

Spring has sprung and renewal is upon us!