7 Things That Incredibly Stylish People Do

April 12, 2021




I’ve spent my entire life being inspired by the beauty that surrounds me every day. And I am equally intrigued by all types of people that exude their own personal style. You know the ones.


They’re wonderfully dressed, natural hosts or hostesses, and have effortlessly styled homes that reflect their personal style.






My passion and life’s work is to find ways to help bring great style into all of our lives whether that is in your wardrobe or home. Over the years, I’ve noticed a few common things that incredibly stylish people seem to naturally do.

Create the Unexpected

People with great personal style know that the unexpected details are what make a home or an outfit really come alive. I especially appreciate mixing patterns and metals throughout a home.



Sometimes design can seem unapproachable or intimidating. I often like to create unexpected spaces by using different hues of the same color family to create spaces of great warmth. You then can achieve plenty of interest by mixing metals and materials with a variety of textures.



Never Leave Home without at least One Accessory

Accessories are the finishing touch to both a great room and a great outfit. One well selected accessory can make even the most basic outfit spectacular! It is sometimes too easy to skip them when getting ready for the day. So don’t make that mistake. Perhaps add a chunky necklace, a great scarf or a stack of bangles. The one item that I can’t do without is a statement belt. This one item can transform the look of an outfit entirely.


Add Sculptural Items

Just like a statement belt or a classic handbag that can bring an outfit to life, a sculptural accessory adds great interest to your living space. Add a striking decorative piece that will bring an unexpected eye catching element to your space.


Be Bold

The one thing that stands out to me about a naturally stylish individual is that they are not afraid to take a risk in their home or in their wardrobe with a bold choice. How do you translate that into your home? Toss in the unexpected with an item that you love whether that might be vintage chandeliers or a set of statement chairs.



Just like in fashion, animal prints are a bold way to add pattern and intrigue to a well styled room.



Invest in quality pieces.

This principal in both home and fashion holds true. When buying trendy, one-season items construction and material is not as important as it is when buying items that will carry you through the next several years. You’ll want basics like your sofas, chairs, skirts, trousers, blazers and sweaters to be of higher quality and well crafted.



Use Natural Elements

Natural elements such as plants and petrified wood are wonderful for adding life and color into your home. These elements create contrast with your furniture and will bring a warm comforting component to your space.

One of the simplest details to add optimum beauty and sophistication to any room in your home is to add a fresh floral arrangement. I tend to believe that sticking to a single hue when selecting flowers can be one of the best ways to create elegance, interest and even drama.



Drape Yourself in Beautiful Comfort

Just as your favorite coat finishes a great outfit. The perfect throw draped effortlessly over your favorite piece of furniture adds texture and dimension to your favorite spaces. A gorgeous throw is a simple but sophisticated way to pull together a well styled room.



Although there are common elements to creating great personal style, there are no hard and fast rules to follow. Style is truly just a personal expression of what makes each of us unique and what we value in our life.



Our vision at K. Renee is to be your partner in creating your own personal transformation story one room and one outfit at a time.