A Peaceful Sanctuary

April 23, 2018

A couple of weeks ago, we held our 3rd 'School of Styling' event.   These are always fun events for our team as we prepare for our guests by creating additional stories of inspiration and thinking about what will make these two-hour sessions extra special for our guests.   


For those of you who couldn't make this class, I thought I would share what we discussed –  7 mindful ways to create a peaceful sanctuary in your home – as well as a few of the recipes for the small plates that we served that evening.

Here we go... 

If your home is truly your sanctuary, you should be surrounded by things that you love.  It should feel good to go home.  How do you make sure that happens?   


1. Do Away with Things That Don't Bring You Joy

We have all had pieces of furniture, accessories, lights, and artwork that may be perfectly functional, but we just simply don’t like. Perhaps you have had the same items for eons, your style has changed, you have hand-me-downs or have incorporated spouses cherished treasures (that you dislike.)     

Your home should be all about comfort, coziness and most importantly, joy. The items in your home should support this beautiful concept.   Now that doesn't mean that every item in your home has to be the bee's knees but it does mean that each room should be a collection of items that work well together (and you don't dislike) with a few things that stand out to you as extraordinarily special.

Re-dressing or moving around pieces that you don't really enjoy won't easily change this not so peaceful feeling.    These items will ultimately get in your way of creating a space that you love.    


We recently did an office for a lovely client of ours.   For years, she had been trying to make some nostalgic pieces work in this room (because there was nowhere else to put them) and they stood in her way of creating a space that she truly loved.   


Ultimately, we helped her move these nostalgic pieces to a less important space in her home and created the office that she had envisioned all along. Sometimes you sincerely want to keep items that you don't necessarily love from a style perspective, but most of the time you really don't.  



null2. Add Soft Lighting

Turn those functional overhead lights off and switch on (or add) chandeliers that will throw happy light around your home. It will be lovely. Harsh lighting is just that...harsh.  Old lights in your home?   Nothing can change the vibe like a fixture that you love.  

Kelli found this beauty on your right at High Point Market last week.   LOVE!

Other little things you can do are changing your light bulbs for a little lower wattage or adding dimmer switches for mood lighting.  

Adding light sources that vary in height - table lamps and floor lamps - also help set the mood.    And of course, no relaxing home is complete without a few candles here and there that please both your nose and eyes.



Scent of a candle

 3. Create a Spa-styled Bathroom

You don’t have to remodel to turn your bathroom into a sanctuary.  It just takes some imagination!


A little artwork, maybe some drapery panels, a table for books and luxury bath salts, a new rug and fabulous lighting might be all you need to create an inspiring space to begin and end the day.


Bathroom transformation

I know because I did this to my bathroom a couple of years ago.  Instead of investing thousands of dollars in a bathroom remodel, I chose to add a few special touches to give me the sanctuary feeling that I was looking for all along.   And don't forget to pick up a new robe to snuggle in! 


4. Add Lots of Texture




All cozy and warm interiors are full of soft luxurious textures which add such an important and needed dimension when creating serene spaces. Chunky knits, throws, and textural rugs are all elements that are a must!

Accessories also provide a textural element allowing you to create a styled look in any room in your home. Mix and match different textures to help create a peaceful & ‘totally you’ space.






5. Make Your Bedroom More Inviting



Too often your bedroom becomes a forgotten zone.   Just because no one but you (and yours) sees it doesn't mean it is not important.   You probably spend more time in this space than many other rooms in your home. I think this 'oh so' important room needs to welcome you into it as a lovely, tranquil and relaxing space...full of softness, texture, and beauty. 



Choose a soothing palette that is rich with cozy layers, pillows, and throws.




6. Make Your Outdoor Space Comfortable



We promise... your outdoor space can be just as beautiful and comfortable as your interior!

Gone are the days of stiff, uncomfortable (but durable) outdoor furniture. Instead, you have the option to create an outdoor oasis that is both beautiful and indestructible.

What is more peaceful than a beautiful outdoor space?

 We aim to show you just what we mean at an upcoming outdoor event, "An Alfresco Affair".  







You will be able to see, sit, and feel for yourself on the evening of May 3rd when we throw up a tent and transform our parking lot into an inspiring outdoor space.   We will have music, beverages, and lots of ideas for your outdoor sanctuary.   We will also feature the works of a local artisan, Dane Fabrication.    Mark your calendars!



Last but not least...

7. Create a Special Spot That Makes You Happy

We all have that one spot in our home that we like to go to relax and meditate (or we should.)  This is the spot where you can instantly boost your mood.


To create this space, choose a comfortable chair, sofa or lounge that you can claim as your own.  And then surround yourself with the things that simply make you happy.  The dancing lights of a chandelier; your favorite candle fragrance; natural crystals; family photos; a soft rug; luxurious pillows; inspiring accessories. And then get sensory.   Turn on the music, light the candle and dim the lights to relax and restore.



When we do these styling events at the store, we are always on the hunt for food ideas that are big on style but easy to create.   These two recipes were exactly that! We whipped these up in no time at all and both were equally delicious!



 Enjoy the rest of your week.   With Spring truly in the air now, I can feel my mood lifted by about 400%...I hope yours is too.