6 Style Mantras To Help You Create Your Happiest, Most Beautiful Life

February 17, 2020

A mantra is an ancient practice that is helpful in creating an optimal experience.   And that is just what we want to give to our clients when they are working toward shaping the rooms in their home or a wardrobe that shines.



These simple ideas can help you manifest the home that you want and the person that you truly want to be.   Let’s dig a little deeper.


1. LIVE with things that bring you JOY



In our homes:   The items that you live with every day in your home should really be about sparking daily joy.   We have all had (or have) things that may serve a functional purpose but we really don’t enjoy or are not our personal style.   Instead, work toward transforming all of your scenery into a world that seriously inspires you instead of reminding you that someday you will have a home that you love.   

In our wardrobes: Just because something you wear fits, doesn’t mean it makes you happy wearing it.   The science of happiness tells us that when we wear things that evoke positive feelings, we can change our mood for the better!    

2. LET GO of things that are just not working.  



In our homes:    We all have stories about something in our home that just doesn’t work.   Maybe it’s a sofa that doesn’t sit quite right. Or items that worked great in your first home but just doesn’t suit your current style.  How about a piece of artwork or furniture that was gifted to you (that you never really liked.). Anything that you don’t love should be on your chopping block.   

In our wardrobes: The same holds true!   Our closets tend to be full of mistakes.   Items that we thought would look good, but don’t.    How about shoes that hurt or pants that fit 10 years ago.   Let go.

We have to learn to stop feeling bad about letting things go and feeling wasteful.    These guilty feelings are just getting in the way of having the home or wardrobe we really want - the one that looks and feels like a reflection of who and where we are today.   

3.  INVEST in what matters.   



In your home and our wardrobes:   We don’t get more bang for our buck when we continue to buy lots and lots of inexpensive things for our homes or clothing items that we feel comfortable frequently replacing.    In the end, the little things cost just as much finding quality pieces that you really love and truly enjoy.   

It has been said that the closer something is to your body, the better the quality it should be.  Something to think about!

4.   MIX IT UP to make it uniquely you.  




In your home:  Ideally, you want the rooms in your home to coordinate but not match.   There is a tendency to think we need to have things that match. All the same wood tones or metals; furniture or bedding sets made by the same company and sold as a “suite.”   Truly inspired home spaces are not matchy-match, instead they are ones that coordinate with varied textures, materials, and tones that work together and appear balanced and cohesive.  

In your wardrobe:  A wardrobe can also become matchy-match when items are coordinated in an uninspiring or obvious way.  Outfits can then begin to feel like a uniform rather than an inspired expression of your personal style.

I know, mixing it up can be a scary thing!    But that is why we have a staff of experienced home and clothing stylists that are always at your service to help you be uniquely you.   Use us, that is what we are here for.

5.   Layers and textures are the SECRET INGREDIENT to bringing a room or your wardrobe to life.  



In Your Home:   A gorgeous sofa, cocktail table and two chairs in a room will NOT look inspired without layers and textures to bring it to life.    These crucial elements create depth and visual interest. Forgetting things like pillows, accessories, throws, and rugs can lead to a space feeling flat and without personality.     

In Your Wardrobe: Layering and texture adds dimension and personality to your outfits and is the best way to make what might be a boring basic outfit into one that is extremely stylish and fashionable.  

I like to give my clothing clients homework of creating outfits that have no less than 5 items per outfit!   Curious about how to do that? Come in sometime and I will show you how it can be done!


6.   Take your PLEASURE seriously.  



Maybe this is the most important point of all.     There is absolute value in coming home to a space that warms the soul.    Or in creating a wardrobe that makes you look and feel your best.  

Life itself is not always fun.   We are surrounded by chaos and personal tragedy - if not our own, than others.   There are few things in life that I can control, but the pleasure and power that I can derive from a beautiful home and an empowering wardrobe is one that I absolutely can.   


And I do.  How about you?

Have a wonderful week.     Remember to mark your calendars for a few upcoming events (see below.)