5 Ways to Make Your Home Your BFF!

July 22, 2019

We are always on the scout for inspiration around here.    From reading blogs, books, and listening to podcasts.  When we find something that resonates, we share our special finds with one another.  Stacie sent me this link last week, "Why Your Home Should Be Your BFF." And I thought, YES, it absolutely should be, and that is such a great way to put it.  




What is a good  BFF (Best Friend Forever)?   Someone who is...


Hmmm, sounds just like a home should be, right?   Our environment affects our life - either in a positive way or negative.  A BFF home is gonna lift you up while a Frenemy one will pull you down.  

At the end of this blog, I will give you the link to the actual podcast, but today I am going to provide you with the key points.  

The podcast features Feng Shui expert, Ashley Cantley who has worked with interior designers like Thomas O'Brien, Jeff Lewis, and Johnathan Adler.   



The basis of Feng Shui is that it is an approach used to help create balance and harmony in our environments.     Our home space tends to mirror our life.   When our homes are messy, our life is messy.   When our home supports our goals (or is our BFF), we can achieve abundance in every aspect of our life.   

Did you know?  Kelli, our lead home stylist, is well-versed in Feng Shui and always considers its principles when she works on our client's homes.   


Here are 5 ways to help make your home your BFF: 

1) Clean, Clean, Clean Like Never Before

If your home is cluttered, it is telling the universe that you have no room in your life for anything new.   Cleaning out things we no longer want and need keeps our attention focused on the future.



2) Remove Reminders of the Past That Might Be Holding You Back

We all tend to hold onto reminders of the past, but this can be a barrier between us and the future.    Especially the things that tie you to a previous job, partner, or bad memories.   Our BFF home is all about getting ready for the future, not looking back.

For those of us with severe attachments to things of the past (this is a big problem of mine), we should consider putting them somewhere a little more out of sight.   


Holding onto the past might be holding us back.   (And just so you know, this whole section gives me a little anxiety.    But I know it's true.   And I am going to go home tonight and make some changes myself.)  

3) Create a Personal Sanctuary

I love it when our clients are so in tune with themselves that they claim a space in their home to be a BFF.  A BFF room filled only with furnishings, images, and textures they love, meant for relaxation, reading, or journaling.



Just last week, we completed a dormer space for a client of ours who wanted a place to go when she was restless and couldn't sleep or to escape for a moment to be quiet and read.   And she wanted it to be soft in color and a place that felt soothing and comfortable.  


4) Don't Forget Your Love Areas

One of the most undernourished areas in a home is the bedroom.   Yet it is such an important room.  This area is a place where loving relationships are formed, maintained, and grown.  




Did you know that the color pink is the color of romance in life, art and Feng Shui?   I didn't.   So while you are thinking about giving attention to your master bedroom, consider adding a touch of pink to the room.  




How about adding a blush chair or a piece of artwork with a touch of pink?  Or both.  

5) Add Joy In Your Life

A home should be full of rooms that you love.   And that brings joy.  Spaces that allow you to better socialize with the people that you love, nurture, soothe, and heal yourself from the chaos that we experience outside of a BFF home.   

The strongest message in this fun podcast is...

If you change your space, you can change your energy...and in turn, change your life.   

Love that!  As promised, here is the link to the podcast if you need a little more inspiration.


One last thing...
In Feng Shui, flowers symbolize and evoke a feeling of beauty, grace and delicate, alive sensuality.

Who doesn't need more of that in their lives?    Which is why you and a girlfriend still have time to sign up for our floral workshop on Thursday evening.    



Working with flowers is just a happy thing.   You will be happy at the workshop creating your centerpiece and just as happy at home later admiring your new creation.   We hope you can make it.  You can still register below...




Have a fabulous week,