5 Ways to Fire Up Your Creativity (In Your Home)

September 23, 2019

Do you ever feel like you are in a rut in your home that you just can’t get out of?  You want to do something but just not sure what to do or where to start. Or maybe your kinda bored with your surroundings.  If that feels familiar at all, it is time to break free of the mundane and get started on making some magic. After all, there’s no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this.    


It’s time to spark some creative play!   To get your creative thinking hat on, 

Ask yourself, “What if?”

“What if” questions can allow powerful ideas to take form.  You can do this little exercise by yourself, with a family member or friend...or just simply in your head. 


What if…you were to do something different in your home with no limitations, what would that be? The key is to be open to whatever comes to your mind and be willing to consider all the ideas that you believe will improve your surroundings.   

Yes, perhaps this is just some blue sky thinking, but it should completely free your mind and allow you to brainstorm ideas without limitations or boundaries that you might have already built for yourself.   

“ What if” allows you to free yourself from constraints and should help ignite some creative thoughts.  

Take a creative stroll.  

As I was starting to write this blog on Saturday, a long term client of ours wandered into the showroom and the first thing she said was “ I just came to walk amongst such beauty.”   I love that.


I actually told our strolling client what I was working on and that I was going to quote her.  Her goal for stopping by was to find an inspiring place to let her mind wander.   A creative stroll like this can help you see different ways to solve old problems and shed some new perspective.  

PS.  We love it when clients or new customers come to us to just simply take it all in, enjoy the light, the day and all of the wonderful scenes that our style team has created.  


Make One Change

If you are finding yourself uninspired by your surroundings, then change something.  It won’t feel like a huge risk so have some fun.   It can be simple things like: 

  • Changing up some of the accessories in your home.  
  • Tackling the entryway.


  • Changing your bedding.     


The key is to do something different.    Consider stepping out of your comfort zone a little bit and add something that you wouldn’t normally dare to.   You might just open up a whole new design scheme for yourself!  Like this classic yet interesting black and white chest.   It would certainly add a little kick start to your creativity.


Use one one each side of your bed.   Or put two of them together to create a gorgeous storage console. 


Invite Randomness

It also might be time to invite some randomness into your home.  Now, what do I mean by that? If you look around your home and everything perfectly matches.. the same metal finish, same wood species and sets of furnishings...and you are realizing that those spaces feel flat and not very creative.  It is simply because of the lack of variety in finishes, woods and textures makes a space one-note. And we don’t want that.

Next time you are on a creative stroll in our showroom, I would love for you to take notice of how many mixed metal finishes you will see in each of the home scenes we have created for you to experience.   


Or how a dining table can look extraordinary without being "perfectly" matched.


Or how our beds look gorgeous without the bedding being matchy-match.    


Find Someone That You Connect With

Creativity doesn't need to be a solitary experience.   Actually you will find that most great innovations comes through extraordinary partnerships.  And most of us benefit by forming a relationship with someone that we trust - whether that is to get feedback or a fresh perspective.   



We do it around here all the time both internally with our team members and externally with our clients.   While I am a creative person in general, I always rely on Kelli for her visual expertise when it comes to my home.    Could I figure it out myself, probably. Will it be 10x better with her partnership? Absolutely.  

When you have good chemistry with someone, it is one of the best ways to help create a new view.  

Really, creativity is about living in the moment.    If you want more creativity in your home, then go get it.    And just so you know, we would love to be your partner in creative crimes.


Have a wonderful week,


 P.S. In case you've missed seeing all the glorious pictures from our Fall Lookbook, we have a video below that you might enjoy seeing.