5 Minute Fix

May 18, 2014
This time of year is crazy with graduations, events and work! Many of you are even hosting parties in your home. There is not time, I know. But I have found that when I am overwhelmed, if I just take a few minutes to accomplish something that satisfies me or lifts me up… I am re-energized to carry on!

Time is of the essence, so we’ve got some quick ways (and I mean quick) to help you spruce up your home! Most of these ideas will only take 5 minutes or less – and the difference they will make to your home and spirit will surprise you.

Move your furniture away from your walls!

For some reason, we all grew up thinking that our big furniture (sofa) needs to be pushed up to the longest wall. Predictable! But actually creating space behind a sofa can actually make your room feel bigger.

Experiment with different positions. A sofa and two armchairs facing each other next to a focal point like a fireplace; on an angle near the corner of the room; or even just a couple of feet out from the wall. If the room is large enough, experiment with multiple seating areas, such as adding a chair and a lamp in an empty corner creating a reading nook.

Subtract and Style

Edit, edit, edit. Sometimes our built in shelves get cluttered over time. If you take away some of the older unimportant pieces, the special ones come into sharper focus.
On that same note, style your bookshelves. Rearrange books so they create blocks of color with the spine. Place some horizontally as well as vertically to create visual interest. Use some open spaces, add a few eye-catching accessories such as a piece of coral or a classically patterned vase.

Mix it up by switching around your artwork

If you’ve had the same picture in the same spot for years, switch it with something else. You will appreciate each piece you have just a little more by changing your view.

Add some flowers

Costco, Hy-Vee, Whole Foods and even Target all have awesome bundles of flowers. Keep it simple by cutting the stems down and using clear small vessels for a sophisticated, unfussy arrangement. Flowers are not just for the center of a table. Put an arrangement in the bathroom, next to your bedside or on your cocktail table. So simple, so beautiful.

Making your home calm, cozy and inviting for both you and your guests is our goal! Here are 5 more ways to set the scene…

Comfort is first

Make sure you have seating options that encourages your guests to come on in and stay awhile. Ottomans, benches and fun occasional chairs are all great options for extending the seating in your home.

Create a Colorful Scheme

Okay, you know that we believe that you can’t go wrong with soft whites, beiges, taupe and shades of grey for your large pieces of furniture. This allows you to build on this neutral palette, without shying away from vibrant pops of color. Bright vases, greens, and patterned pillows can really breathe life into your home. Use nature for pops of color. Fill a large glass bowl or vase with colorful fruit. Place on your counter tops or side tables to brighten up your room naturally.

Bring light into your world

Lots of natural sunlight is key to making rooms feel bigger so open up those curtains and blinds. We have been missing the warm sun for so long, it’s time to let it in!

Extra Pillows and Throws

Your home might feel brand new with some beautiful new pillows and a throw. You can completely change the look of your room! Not only do they provide comfort but lots of style. So easy.

The Power of Scent

There is nothing better than walking into a home that smells great. Use this fact to your advantage. Light subtle candles (one of our favorites is Nest Candles in Bamboo), spray your linens with a signature perfume. And if you’re having guests over, it never hurts to bake something delicious!

What to bake? It’s summer (or almost). So, how about 5 minute Chocolate Fudge Smores Mug Cake?
Uh, Yum! You can find the recipe at… http://www.howsweeteats.com/2012/02/5-minute-chocolate-fudge-smores-mug-cake/

Thanks for giving me your five minutes! I truly appreciate that you take the time. Have a great week leading up to the long holiday weekend. I think warm spring days are finally here. That in itself lifts my spirit and makes the impossible seem possible.

Until next week…