4 Easy Transformations You Can Do Tomorrow!

October 25, 2015

Transformation take all shapes and forms.      Although it would be wonderful... all transformations don't have to be this big!  

In this case, our client wanted to add wood floors, paint her home, change up her kitchen and create a cozy, comfortable room for entertainment!   What a fun project and a fabulous client.

Since a major transformation might not be in the cards right now...  How about 4 easy things you could do tomorrow to create your own personal transformation?    Taking just a little time to make improvements could be just the thing you need to give yourself a burst of good energy!

1.  Transform Your Walls

Painting, of course, is such an easy way to transform and update your space.   But that takes more than the day that I promised.   So instead, why not think about changing or adding a piece of artwork to an important room in your home.  

Artwork gives a room a sense of completeness and luxury... and can transform an ordinary room into a beautiful haven.   Many people think that their artwork has to match the architectural style of their home.   Actually contemporary art can be great in a traditional setting and will often have more impact that a more traditional piece.   

I love the bold modern look of this piece.   It would draw you right into a room in a great way.   Don't be intimidated when it comes to buying art... it's not about the style or price...it's about what you love.  

2.  Transform Your Cocktail Table

I actually need to take my own advice on this one.   I've had the same display on my coffee table for some time now.    It is time to reboot my coffee table.  It can just take minutes to add some new personality to your living space.  Find an interesting ceramic piece or grab a beautiful book that may have been tucked away.    

Keep the power of three (or odd numbers) when creating your arrangement.   Three objects in a cluster are instantly viewed as a carefully edited display rather than a random concoction...whether that is on your coffee table or fireplace mantle.   Try objects of subtly different lengths or widths for maximum effect.

3.  Transform Your Pillow Story

This is one of the easiest transformations of all.     There is really no reason not to change your pillow story seasonally.   Going from lighter weight, casual fabrics in the warmer months to heavier, comfortable and ornate pillows to reflect the winter months and the holiday season.   

One pair of pillows on your sofa looks a bit skimpy.   We like odd numbers on sofas in contrasting textures and patterns.  Few things can change the look of a living room as easily as interesting pillows.   So pile them on!   Let me show you just how easy it is to change up both your pillows and accessories to create a new room for the season.

4.  Transform Your Black Suit

 Most of us have a basic black suit in our wardrobe.    My favorite way to transform a black suit is to add a sequined tank underneath.     There is no easier way to create instant glamour than to add sparkle.   

A black sequin tank is one of the most versatile pieces in my wardrobe.  I can throw it on with a suit for an evening look or throw it over a black turtle neck with a skirt and over-the-knee boots for a fun daytime look.   This festive piece helps me tell the world I am in a jolly mood and ready for some fun!

This week, we will be featuring an edited capsule in our clothing store from a new line called S.I.L.K.    Not only do they have the fabulous sequin black tank, but an even better sequin skirt (above right)!    Dress it up, dress it down and have some fun!!!   Be sure to stop by this week to check our their holiday capsule, it will only be in-store through this coming Saturday, October 31st.

I've talked a lot this month about transformation and I am sure it is not the last you will hear.    Our K. Renee team is also going through a significant transformation and expansion that will begin to take shape over the next couple of months.    Stay tuned!   We've been talking about having a "Hard Hat" Soiree in a few weeks to kick off the next phase of the K. Renee 'living life beautifully' story.   More to come...   And Happy Halloween!