364 Days To Go!

January 2, 2018

Happy day after New Year!    We ONLY have 364 more days to make this year stand out as an amazing one.  I know all too well that TIME seems to fly by faster each and every year.

Time goes by


One of the greatest mysteries is the phenomenon that time seems to pass more quickly as we age. If you're like me, I have memories of my childhood moving very slowly.   It took forever to grow up, didn’t it? But somehow, time seems to accelerate. Years and decades have gone by in the blink of an eye.

Science has shown that the brain only encodes new experiences into our memories and pretty much ignores the familiar.  Hmmm.   


(I’m not saying you have to jump out of a plane, but you will for sure remember it!)

And as we move forward in time, the more memories (new experiences) that we create the fewer regrets we will likely feel about time passing quickly and we might even be able to SLOW our perception of the speed of time.  

Think about it...when we were kids, we had a constant stream of learning and new experiences, so our memory is that time passed slower (with more things to remember.)    

Children and time

When we become adults, we fall into routines and tend to like the familiar which in turn creates fewer memories.

To slow down time (or at least our perception of it)... we need to break out of our routines, step out of our comfort zone and give our brains something to remember.

Don't get too comfortable

Last week I mentioned that I was toying around with the word “Experiences”  for my 2018 theme.      

And that was BEFORE I googled “Why does time seem to go faster and faster” in preparation for this blog. (Source: Article: Why Does Time Seem To Speed Up With Age,  Scientific American)  This new information that I have stumbled upon has sealed the deal for my 2018 word.


What about you?    What’s in your heart and mind?  What new experiences do you have in store for yourself and your home?  

I’ve heard from a few of you about your words.  (Thank you for sharing!)

Words of 2018


Everyone has a story and a specific reason behind their own word.  And this word becomes a meaningful conversation and a way to measure our days, weeks, months and year.   I remember the word that I used (before I purposefully chose them) during the worst year of my life.   I focused on the word #Fierce as it reminded me of what was expected of me and how I would traverse through the darkest of days.   And it helped.

Not all words need to be action-oriented. Perhaps 2017 has been one wild ride for you, then you might need words to help calm your soul.


Calming words

And... K. Renee, as an organization, has even come up with a word for our 2018 focus (and beyond.)   


Since we haven’t even announced our K. Renee word and its meaning to our mighty team (shh, don’t tell), I will tell you all about it next week after we have our annual TEAM INSPIRATION retreat later this week.  

Closed for inspiration

Because of our retreat, K. Renee will be closed at 5 pm (usually open until 8) on Thursday, January 4th so we can gather our K. Renee crew and talk about our inspirations and make plans for 2018.

We will be back on Friday ready to kick off our clothing store WINTER sale where the more K. Renee style you find, the more you save! You won’t want to miss out.  


2018 Winter Sale

Here’s to making it a stylishly memorable year!  Stay warm out there.



Time to Shine