2020 Mood

January 6, 2020


Well, hello, 2020.    


It is time to start fresh as we begin a new year and a new decade. Yes!   We have before us a clean slate, and I find that exciting!   Today is only page 6 of the 365 left in this year and the 3,650 of the decade.     Pages that should be written with fresh ideas, new possibilities, and a changed perspective to design the decade of our dreams.

  At K. Renee, we have an annual ritual of choosing a word that best represents what we want to achieve in the year ahead.  

But this year, we'll take it a step further and create mood or dream boards for 2020!  The power of this work happens as we intentionally create a visual representation of everything we want to have, do, and be in our life, and then serves as a reminder to help us achieve our dreams and goals.

So what's my 2020 mood?   

Reclaim Healthy Eating Habits

Starting today (as a matter of fact) I am going to follow a pretty strict diet of low carb, high protein foods.   I've done this before successfully not really as a way to lose weight (although that would be nice) but to gain control of my impulse to graze.  When I begin a defined plan, I usually have no problem staying on track and giving me the ability to walk by tables filled with cookies, muffins and other tempting snack foods. 

Change it Up At Home

In August of 2018, I posted the picture above on Instagram and said "Yes, this will be the next look in my home, whenever that might be."    So what am I waiting for?    I'm not.   New decade, new look.   I want to keep things fresh and exciting in my home.   I already have several of these components moved into my home and plan to complete the look just in time for an upcoming dinner party that I am hosting in a couple of weeks.   And yes, pictures will follow!

The positive energy and joy I receive from being excited about the comfort, look and feel of my home is priceless.   This value is so high that I truly believe it is important to change things up now and again.   

2020 is the perfect time!

Entertaining in My Home More!

I love all of the fuss that goes with having people in my home.   I thrive on it!  And life seems to get so busy that I don't end up doing it enough.   My mood board will remind me that this is something I enjoy and must make room for in 2020 (and beyond.)    As I mentioned before, I will be hosting a dinner party in a couple of weeks (our K. Renee post holiday gathering) complete with an  on-site Chef (the fabulous Cyd's Catering) and service. What a great excuse for me to freshen up my home as well, right?   


Travel in Style

My 2020 mood is also about traveling.  Whether that be a quick jaunt to Arizona , a trip to the tropics, or a tour through France...I'm game.   There is something so joyful about new experiences and creating wonderful memories.  Some of my favorite trips are actually the ones that come up unexpectedly!   The only caveat for me is that I always like to go in style!   Go figure, right?


Loving My Outdoor As Much As My Indoor

One of the areas in my home that I have great dislike for is my back yard.   And I do what I also say one shouldn't do...walk by it several times a day and say to myself "I really don't like my deck and backyard."    Cheese and crackers, stop with the negative self talk.   So instead, I am dreaming about what I could do to solve the problem.   My deck is 20 years old and needs to be replaced soon anyway...so why not create an outdoor oasis that will better serve my decade mood and bring me joy?    

We carry the-most-amazing outdoor furnishings (which will start landing in March) so that won't be one bit of an issue!   I just need to breath some new life into my deck and landscaping in 2020.


Upping My Personal Style Game

I get in a rut, just like everyone else.    Yes, I have beautiful clothes but sometimes I get lazy.   I throw on a pant, an obvious coordinating blouse and a jacket.   Good enough, right?   Nope.  When my armor is blah, I am blah. But when I take a few extra moments in the day to construct an inspired outfit that complements my proportions, makes a statement and makes me feel my best...I guarantee you I have a more energetic, joyful, bolder day!   

Those are the days when I have the world by the tail.   And I don't know about you, but I need more of those!

Making Dreams Come True

I dare say that the majority of my 2020 mood will be focused on doing my best to help others make their dreams come true.   There is nothing that I (and my other team members) love more than helping clients bring their own homes to life or putting together a wardrobe that makes a woman shine her best light.   

Living life beautifully isn't about things, it is about creating the feeling of joy whenever, wherever, and...for whomever we can.  

I wish you all great joy in this brand new year and new decade!  


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