100 Things To Be Thankful For...

November 25, 2019

It is Thanksgiving week, and the hustle to get ready for planned festivities is apparent everywhere. From the homes that we've been transforming (just in time for the holiday gatherings) to the long lines at every grocery store in town.   


A double truck transformation!

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, but I am also acutely aware that it can be a very, very difficult time for many. I get it.  For many of us, the holiday season can the amplify loss of a loved one, create a surge of loneliness, or bring on the stress of awkward family dynamics. 


And while life is not perfect for most of us (if any), there can still be great joy in a day focused on gratitude and the opportunity to turn the ordinary into a blessing. Gratitude is a powerful energizer toward building a better day, a better life, or new possibilities...no matter where you are at this moment today.  



It is easier to take a Thanksgiving inventory of our blessings than you might think.  I ran across a list of prompts, making it a piece of cake to name 100 little successes, moments, and things to be grateful for.  It could just make for some fun conversation for whatever you are doing on Thursday and with whoever you are with...or a simply nice way to start the day.



null4 things I hear (i.e., laughter)

4 things I see (i.e., blooming flowers)

4 things I smell (i.e., apple pie)

4 things I feel (i.e., the warmth of a fire)

4 things I taste (i.e., pizza)

4 blue things (i.e., the sky)

null4 animals (i.e., Buoy, the Pointer)

4 friends (i.e., you know who you are)

4 teachers (i.e., my first boss)

4 family members (i.e., this makes my list much longer)

4 things in my home (i.e., everything!)




4 people who believed in me (i.e., my husband)

4 physical activities (i.e., ability to walk/run)

4 holidays (i.e., Christmas Eve Service)

4 books I love (i.e., Harry Potter)

4 character traits in myself (i.e., being a nerd)

null4 things I love to wear (i.e., leather leggings)

4 things I take for granted (i.e., my hair)

4 technology advancements (i.e., AED devices)

4 things that always make me laugh (i.e., children)

4 tv shows I love to watch (i.e., Last Kingdom)

4 things I am good at (i.e., dealing with stress)


4 opportunities I have had (i.e., becoming a part of K. Renee)

4 luxuries I give myself (i.e., cleaning service)

4 life lessons I have learned (i.e., working hard pays off)

4 service people in my life (i.e., Pastor Mike)


4 simple pleasures (i.e., coffee with creamer)

4 gifts I have received (i.e., falling In Love)

4 people I have met (i.e., Tim Conway)


There are so many other prompts like the ones above that you could use.  It is these little victories in our life that prove to me that ordinary things make our life extraordinary.  

I speak for the entire K. Renee team by saying that one of the things that we are most grateful for is you, your business, and your trust in our group. Thank you.  Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours.


As you come up for air after Thanksgiving day, we offer you a peaceful place to bring yourself, family, and friends this coming Black Friday and Small Business Saturday.  


And while you can enjoy 20% off of all your purchases at our clothing store, you can also enjoy a hot chocolate, a cup of coffee (maybe with Bailey's Irish Cream), or a glass of wine.    Most of all, we would just enjoy seeing each of you.

We also have a special event planned for the gents on the evening of Thursday, December 5th, where they will have the opportunity to try out a little Cryo-therapy in-store and do a little holiday shopping for the ladies.   


I hope that you find many moments of joy throughout this entire week!