10 Reasons to Smile

September 3, 2019

I actually was going to write a blog about mixed feelings.   As I woke up today, there was no doubt that the end of Summer has descended upon us.   The days are clearly getting shorter. School is back in session. Pools are getting shut down. And we have had a few mornings with a crisp chill is in the air.  

Part of me is sad because the carefree, relaxed pace of summer life is coming to an end. But I am not a half-empty glass kind of gal and instead of pouting about what is behind us, I think it is time to get excited for what lies ahead.

Instead of focusing on what was, I am going to share 10 reasons why heading into Fall is making me smile!


#1 Reason to Smile - Re-beautification


Just the same way, we are so moved in the Spring when leaves and flowers begin blooming we will now just sit back as the leaves and foliage around us provide us another inspiring show.  Beautiful autumn will begin to spread its glory with its array of dazzling, gorgeous colors. Brilliant reds, sunny yellows, and bright oranges shadows have not only taken over the leaves but also the sunset skies.



As the world re-beautifies, so shall we.   It is time to start thinking about our cool weather wardrobes, our boot needs and what is going to keep us excited for this next season to come.

And what about our homes?    We will shortly move back inside and now is the perfect time for a Fall refresh worthy of all of the upcoming gatherings.   We just completed this pretty darn amazing dining room that is ready and waiting for an indoor dinner party.


#2 Reason to Smile - Comfortable Time Outside (for a while yet)

Hey, we are not quite ready to hibernate, right?    Actually this time of year it is easier to spend time outside without the intense heat driving us into a pool or air conditioning.

The tranquil and cool days of autumn beckon us to spend all the time we can outdoors.    A long walk with your dog, a nature hike (to watch the glory of autumn), perfect running weather, visits to the apple orchard and pumpkin patch.    


This is really a joyous time of year!

#3 Reason to Smile - Football and Tailgates are a thing.

Fall means football and no shortage of opportunities to gather and cheer your favorite high school, college or pro team.     And who doesn’t love the excitement of football and tailgating?   

Okay, I have to admit that I am not a go-to the football game type of gal but I do enjoy the enthusiasm of everyone around me.   I love that all we don the colors of our alma-mater with pride and joy. And the passion for a win!      You will find me on almost every football Saturday at our home and clothing boutique. And believe it or not, these are fun days for us too!    There are many of you out there just like me that would rather not head to a game but use this free time to do things for yourself. There is this amazing quiet calm during football Saturdays which is a luxury in itself.    There really is no better time to come see us at K. Renee and take care of yourself. You deserve it!


#4 Reason to Smile - Fall is the absolute best season for fashion

Spring and Summer style gravitates toward less is more.   But Fall is all about deeper tones, layering, and luxurious texture.  Sigh.     I am always happy to have leather, fur (faux for some of y’all) and velvet back in my style arsenal.   

Each day I walk into our clothing boutique and I find myself squealing with delight as I see some of the amazing Fall styles appearing as if magic.  Bring on the cool weather cause we have some great things to wrap you up in!

#5 Reason to Smile - Snuggling up is the best feeling

I miss the warmth of my fireplace and the comfort it brings.   How about you?


And I love snuggling up with tons of luxurious texture.   There is also something that feels good about not feeling guilty about staying inside on those days when the wind bites a bit.   A hot chocolate, a good book or movie, and a warm blanket...yes, I am ready for a few of these lazy days.

The time is now for a bedroom transformation (if you don’t have a room that you can’t wait to spend time in.)      We just completed a surprise bedroom transformation from a husband to his wife. How cool is that?

And it is also time to think about adding warmth and texture to all of the rooms in your home.   You can easily do that with pillows, throws and rugs to cozy things up.  

#6 Reason to Smile - In the Fall our brains work better!

Did you know that in the Fall are brains are working at their best?   Research shows that in Autumn when the days are a little cooler we become a little less sluggish which leads to higher productivity.   Look for improved memory, focus and thinking skills!  

Yes!   Time for a strategic thinking session about living life beautifully?   I think so.

#7 Reason to Smile - It’s time to start planning a winter getaway

We need things in the future to look forward to!   Instead of dreading the winter coming, why not plan a few little getaways?   It will be a thread that will pull you through!

A couple of weekends ago, I took my daughter to South Beach and found a wonderful hotel, 1 Hotel South Beach.   It was so easy to get to, great restaurants, warm weather and the ocean! It’s average is 75 degrees in February...can’t beat that!    




You can bet, this will be on my list for a long weekend!

#8 Reason to Smile - We get to switch things up

Changing our routine matters!  And the change of seasons forces us to do just that.  This is the time of year when our goal should be to make sure our worlds are a little warmer (for the months to come) both physically and emotionally.

A couple of years back, I wrote a blog about “Hygge” in your home which simply means feeling comfy, cozy and safe.  (Link: Hygge in Your HomeIt is all about how to make your home space warm and a place of refuge and comfort when you need to escape the cold outdoors.   

#9 Reason to Smile - Fall means comfort food

Cooler weather brings on comfort food, doesn’t it?    My family is already planning a Chili Cook-Off. Sounds fun, right?   I am a little competitive but not that creative of a cook...so if any of you have an award-winning recipe to share with me...I would be eternally grateful.   

This is the time of year when pumpkin becomes cool again!      Not only does it scream fall, but it has some health benefits as it is jam-packed with all  sorts of essential nutrients that will guard the body against colds and germs—such as vitamin C, folate, antioxidants, zinc, beta-carotene, and even heart-healthy omega 3 fats.   

I found this recipe for Fireball Pumpkin Pie (click on picture for recipe) yesterday that I thought my kids would get a kick out of for the Chili Cook Off competition.    Maybe I will win the dessert category. LOL.  

#10 Reasons to Smile - So little time, so much to do!

And last but not least...there is still so much to do!     There is no shortage of upcoming and interesting events in town.

I have found that searching for upcoming events on Facebook helps keep me in the loop.   Just last weekend, it helped me find the inspiring Water Lantern Festival at Waterworks Park.  Something I have not done before and was totally inspirational!

Here are just a few that are catching my eye this Fall.

And of course, we have an array of events here at the store starting this Thursday with…

Followed by...

Enjoy the glories of the fall, cool weather and spectacular color!  Smile.